Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0


@Rock8man alternatively run the Lost Sector right near the spawn near Failsafe, jump to orbit, then rerun.


Very nice! I’ll try both of those out tonight. Thanks guys!

I had a really great game in the Crucible last night. I played about 7 rounds, 6 of them were just okay, but one was sooooo much fun. Both teams were really evenly matched. Both teams were working really well together. I loved the game type. It was the one where you don’t score until you pick up the token dropped by the enemy you killed. It was sooooo close all the way through. In the end it came down to two seconds. We fell behind in the last play where he got two points over us, but we got their whole team and collected three tokens at the end… but it was too late, because it was that short period of time they let you play after the buzzer has already gone off. So we lost, but my god, I love it when a multiplayer match is so evenly matched. It’s a completely different experience. I think that’s why we loved Halo 2 so much. They found an algorithm to almost always match us up against opponents like that. I wonder why no other game managed to get matchmaking so right again?


The D2 Matchmaking is a joke. Starting a match putting 3 randoms against 3 people in a firetam+Clan and 1 random, so not only are we 1 less player, we’re playing against organized opposition. Would’ve liked them to stick to a solo-queue only for Quick Play and only letting people fireteam in competitive mode.

Hardmode next week apparently, cleaned the raid twice now, and it felt like the Shotgun Exotic Strike was harder than the actual raid – even harder to get people to do it as well, since you have to travel to EDZ and drive to the strike location to start it, and if you fail, you get to do all of that all over again. Took about 30 minutes to find someone to join for it, then they left after the first wipe (because they didn’t fix their loadout beforehand) so eventually had to wait another 40 minutes for two clan members to join for it. — how’s’about a simple queue system Bungie?


Another week, another Nightfall attempt by me and @Don_Quixote. Last week we felt like we got a hair’s width away from finishing it. It always came down to the last seconds against the final boss. But we didn’t complete it.

This week we felt like we were never even close. It’s tough to remember where all the anomalies are, and even on runs where we found a lot of anomolies, we were still never close on the time.

I hope next week’s Nightfall is not this harsh. I wonder if this Nightfall achievement will be like a carrot, perpetually dangling in front of me, but always out of reach.


How much time did you have left when entering the boss room? We found we needed about 5 minutes for clearing it. If you had a lot less time than that, it really should be just a matter of finding the anomalies (I think there’s 30 total).

(Um, it wasn’t just you two, right?)


It was three of us. We never made it to the boss room. I’ve never done that strike, so I don’t know how close we were to the boss room. We were usually fighting the third one eyed monster in the strike when time ran out.


Heh, you don’t really want nightfall to be the first time doing a strike.

I’ve found that, while I still don’t like the timer based system, or group did in fact make consistent progress in terms of improving our performance every time, finally clearing it by the 4th attempt.

The fact that we got consistent improvement each time suggests that bungie did some decent balancing.


Is there a way to play all the strikes?

I’ve gone into the Vanguard Strikes about 10-12 times. It’s always either The Inverted Spire or The Pyramidion. Is there a way I can chose to play the other strikes, or is it just luck of the draw?


It’s just the (terrible) luck of the draw. I went a really long time without playing one particular strike too.


If you guys are on later tonight I’ll join you. Unfortunately that’s about the only time I have available.


If my 5-month old goes to bed on time (approx 9:30pm Central time, 7:30 Pacific), then I can possibly hop on after that. I don’t know if my friend will be available at that time or not, but we can see.

30 anomalies? Wow, I don’t think we even found 15. So finding all 30 vs finding 12 or so should give us an additional 9 minutes to finish the Strike.


I would do the nightfall later. Someone email me or send me a message on here or twitter


Some of them are quite well hidden. But just to check, did you did notice the “Anomaly Detected” status effect? It’ll trigger if anyone on the team is near an anomaly.


I’ve played the normal strike several times, and we still didn’t make it (though I don’t know exactly how far we are from the final room). I’m power level 290+, and was using weapons I thought worked pretty well (MIDA and Arc Urial, along with a solar sniper). The Momentum/Inertia mechanic was just brutal, and while we did notice the Anomaly Detected notice, we didn’t always find them.

I’d try again with y’all, but I’m out of town all weekend. I’m not feeling like I’m losing out. Last week was super fun with the torrential light mechanic, even if we didn’t succeed. Here’s to seeing what the come up with next week!

Thanks for helping with the final strike for the Sturm/Drang quest, though!


I don’t think I knew you had a 5-month-old, congratulations! Yes, that will definitely throw a monkey wrench into any plans. Though I do distinctly remember playing a game at two or three in the morning while my son and, later, my daughter slept on my chest.

finds a way


Anyone on PS4 available to do the Nightfall in the next few hours? Send me a PSN message at “WhollySchmidt” or tweet me @WhollySchmidt so you can get my attention if I’m not checking the forum.


One thing I’m kind of amazed by in Destiny 2 is how often I get lost in missions. You really have to use a combination of the compass telling you where to go next, and a really keen eye on where you could be asked to go next.

I remember this used to be a huge problem in video games. Especially a lot of first person shooters. I’d get lost all the time and wouldn’t know how to make progress. “Where am I supposed to go next?” was my most common refrain back then. And then developers wised up and started putting some effort into guiding the player. Put a light over here to draw the player’s eye. Paint the area where the player is supposed to go a different color to draw their attention. All these techniques were used, and we were none the wiser. We were being guided without it being too obvious. Quite brilliant actually.

It’s just something I’ve gotten so used to, that getting lost in Destiny 2 is weird. Why do I keep running into seeming dead ends and missing turns and dark hallways I was supposed to turn into but missed. It’s like the secret pass that developers make to draw my eye without me even knowing didn’t get made in a lot of Destiny 2.


In other Destiny 2 news, I guess I have completed the blue missions on all 4 planets now. So I think that’s it for the single player content?

So the four quests were:

  1. Drang and Strum: I finished this with @Don_Quixote. We both got our Strum weapon.
  2. A quest that requires me to finish the Raid as the first step. Ouch.
  3. A riddle something to do with rats? WTF?
  4. Mida Multitool quest! Yay! I’ll tackle this one this week. I was so happy to get this last night.


This weeks nightfall was quite tricky, the first week one was the easiest so far imo.

There is a lot of blue-thingies to shoot for time, best to have one guy focusing on them while the other two just keep on killing and pushing forward. Some areas you could skip some of the mobs to push ahead.

Use rockets, snipers and Supers. If you have a good arc sword, it is great vs the knights, just make sure someone else is taking fire at that time.


The strike two weeks ago with the boss that keeps disappearing and electrifying everything had an area where someone could wait and keep shooting respawning anomalies while the other two players continue ahead. You max out the total available time at 30:00 though, so once the player on anomaly duty hits the cap, they catch up and then everyone goes to end together.

That didn’t work well with the first group I played with. We tried three attempts and the time we “gained” never offset how the two of us that went ahead had our progress slowed by our lack of firepower.

When I did it with two other people (via the guided game queue), we didn’t try any respawning anomaly hijinks, we just all stayed together and worked as a team—the slow is smooth and smooth is fast approach. Finished with time to spare.

This week’s has a similar area, where someone can hang back and keep shooting respawning anomalies for a while while the others proceed. I did it with some randos for my Warlock and it just took two attempts, and the anomaly trick was helpful.

But since I didn’t know where that trick was last night, I tried again last night for my Titan our group just all stuck together, and it did not go well. Didn’t even make it to the boss on either of our attempts.

So maybe the anomaly trick is the way to go this week, that might be what we try tonight.