Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0


There’s an exotic ship that looks like that original ship, fingers crossed for a bright engram.


See, I can get behind that change. In the original Destiny, the first ship was hands-down the best ship design. So there was no incentive to get a new ship. All the other ships looked terrible in comparison. But in Destiny 2, you start off with all the poor ships, and the original Destiny ship is the possible reward? Hell yeah, that’s doing things in the proper order.


Here we go, “Ikora’s Resolve”


That’s not bad. Do I need to have the expansion to get this?


Nice. Now it needs that bright yellow paint like in Destiny 1.


The shader you are looking for is called Bumblebee


Yup, and it’s only in the Eververse, so you’ve gotta get lucky with a Bright Engram (earned or bought) or cross your fingers and hope Tess sells it directly somewhere down the line.


I like the emotes. There are some fun ones.


Tuesday they added masterwork weapons.

Is a good change and is making the game more fun. What they do is drop extra orbs of super energy on multiple kills. More super energy = more uses of the super = you feel more like a space wizard and the game is more dynamic, faster and chaotic.

It don’t do much more than that, since their basic augmentation is a small (10%) upgrade to one of the weapon stats.

Pretty happy about the game just now. :D


Have done a few guided games and we’ve always succeded, mostly cause we probably done them a thousand times already, but we tend to use chat before we even start it, check out the “carry”'s loadout and explain things if needed. Though that was how you were supposed to do it anyway, the guiders help the carry, so in turn the carry can help everyone complete it.

15 minutes, damn, thats a long wait. they definitively need to make it so you can be queued while doing other stuff.

Re: Masterwork.
Good in theory, but it seems like it will take ages to get masterwork of what you want to use. So far I’ve gotten one sub-par RL as MW and one submachine gun. I occasionally use the RL, the other item I dismantled. Seems like I need 10 dismantlings to upgrade one weapon of choice to masterwork.

Oh well. At least you can try to do weapon unlocks on Mercury now, but it has a really limit on how many materials you can gather.

Running into inventory problems every day now… with vault full and whatnot. Mailbox full of shaders and mods.


Should be closer to 5. I’ve gotten two thingies for all three dismantlings I have done. Looking forward to crafting a masterwork Halfdan.


Apparently the new event for wants more of your money:


I like the part where you get a object everywhere in the game to use has weapon.

But the mission is superweak, the worst type of grinding. It could be is bad on purpose to push people to pay real world money to acquire the gear. Or maybe is only that they are bad at designing events. Or maybe somebody find this fun? I don’t. One hour running in circles to find a material was boring (and it was IO, that is a dead planet in more than one sense).


Yeah I had to get 10 earth crystals and I ran around for 5 minutes without finding one and I gave up.

What D2 needs is more strikes, more gameplay challenges, not grinds and fucking Alexa integrations. How many strikes could they have made with the time and resources they spent on letting players tell Alexa to equip Hard Light? I bet it doesn’t even work.


The time and resources “spent on Alexa” are actually time and resources I’m glad they put into the API, not anything specific to Alexa. The inventory management in the game is limited and strange, but even if it were sufficient, I love the utility available through sites like DIM.

I get the frustration with Bungie’s priorities in content and monetization, but I don’t think any of their bad decisions were because of the goofy Alexa dongle.


That coverage is so absurdly slanted it is ridiculous. Whatever. Throwing snowballs at enemies is stupidly fun. I’ve already gotten a fancy spaceship and sparrow for my hunter (among other things) and bought the warlock chest armor.

I agree the quests are grindy, but it is something to do and I’ve gotten some nifty rewards, so no complaints.


I hardly ever pay attention to the stupid Eververse vendor, except maybe to notice that its logo looks vaguely like that of the European Union. And yeah, that article, while essentially accurate, is a bi overwrought for my tastes. The bigger issue with Bungie is that, well, their minute-to-minute game play is great, but much of the rest is at best sub-par and at worst a hot mess. Progression, loot, team and matchmaking, even basic story telling and lore is a real hodge-podge of ok, half-baked, and flat-out baffling decisions and missteps.

But the gunplay is wicked cool.


Playing through the campaign for the third time right now on hunter and I rather like the campaign for the most part. The expansion is a different story


The campaign is fun, yeah, though I still find the overall narrative a confusing muddle. The Osiris crap in the first DLC is, well, crap, though some of the locales are ok.


I like the Holiday stuff. Snowballs are super fun and I like doing the daily gift quests. I also am really enjoying the Heroic strikes being back in the game as well as the Masterwork stuff. It’s fun to have something to want to get again in Destiny.

I like that the Masterwork stuff isn’t necessary, but if you want to have that little extra buff for playing a lot there is something there.

I definitely think Destiny is getting back on track a bit these days.