Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0


They added Heroic Strikes? Cool, I will have to reinstall the games.

The raid and the nightfall strikes offers a decent challenge, yeah, but they are like, 10% of the full game. In addition the party system is a pain in the ass (I understand it for the raid, but not for Nightfall strikes).


Heroic Strikes*

* withouth modifiers.

They are fun, but a shadow of what they where in D1.


And they offer no additional/unique rewards.

Nightfall has set limitations/boosts and a time limit, whereas the raid can be run at your own “phase” and checkpointed for easy retry at a particular encounter failure. Both of them can be run perfectly fine with matchmaking, there isn’t actually a lot of pre-screening interviews and reading through of CV’s before I pick someone from DTG Discord to do Raid/Nightfall with, I usually just throw my bnet there and invite the first people that add me.

I guess you could argue that a player that uses a 3rd party app/web-site to faciliate playing the game (because the designers are fubar or come from an alternative galaxy where matchmaking and “dungeon finder” hasn’t existed since before some of them were born…) is more likely to be 1. interested in completing the content and 2. competent enough to complete the content, the 2. is never a guarantee and the 1. probably goes for the 1000s of console players who do not have a laptop available to “LFG!”.

BungLe just have one mindboggling design mistake after another, you’d think we were looking at a polar opposite of Star Citizen, where instead of being unable to implement good ideas they are able to implement each and every shitty idea.


I completed a pair of Nightfall strikes with random players, you just need to be good at the game and rush whenever you can rush.

The Raid requires actual communication and coordination, like, full stop. Otherwise it can’t be played.


You don’t even need to be all that good, took me two attempts to get through a nightfall strike with a couple of fandoms a while back. Think we got through on our second try, and while I had a headset on either my teammates did not or just declined to speak.


Yeah, I said good but it would be more accurate to say ‘competent’. My point is, they should allow public matchmaking for it, like with the normal versions of Strikes.


Well, I believe Raids can be done with matchmaking, but you’re perfectly fine to NOT use matchmaking to form your raid teams if you want to :-)

Hell, do it like Raids in WOW, First week you have to get there through the “difficult” way of posting in LFG or w.e., then the week after its open for Matchmaking. Then people can feel “elite” by having completed it without all those filthy casual scrubs using a queue to get into the raids.


So… they didn’t added Heroic Strikes to Destiny 2. They added Heroic Strikes to the Osiris expansion. Which is different.


Awww. That’s disappointing.

Can you at least still do the Nightfall if you have the base game?


Yes, since they started being available on pc. Though rushing and fighting ‘against the clock’ isn’t my cup of tea.


This just popped up in my feed, so I gave it a read. Honestly I see what they’re getting at, but I have the complete opposite reaction. Instead of making the player feel like they’re the special ONE, they should have developed a storyline that acknowledged that a whole group of Guardians were getting their Light back, and that you were part of a greater movement. Then again, I’ve grown fairly disillusioned with the idea of celebrity/hero stuff. Meh.

Though I will agree that having your Ghost voice all of your lines was lame.


The Ghost voicing your lines is dumb, yeah; it feels like you’re some sort of mime who got lost from the circus. And I agree that, given all of those Guardians you see running around, it’s a bit odd that they don’t emphasize the collective aspect of the renewed Guardian force.

Then again, it’s always struck me as weird that the major NPCs don’t, um, seem to be able to go get their light back, while you and every other schmuck named PooFFyBirD7890 can do it.


I 100% agree. The whole gameplay element was all based on constantly being surrounded by other guardians that also got their light back (other players) so it’s very weird they made the story so entrenched in you being the only one with light.


I disagree. The narrative of me being the only person with light fit what i was seeing on the screen at all times. I never saw other players around me die and respawn (which is how you tell if someone has the light). Heck, even I didn’t die and respawn, even though I had that ability if I ever did die. Their retooling of the difficulty made sure that was never an issue for anyone right?

The only time I saw people die and respawn was in the open world. And they could have been other players who had already gotten their light back, in a different timeline than me.

The only time I remember dying is right in the beginning, when I fell to my death a few times when I didn’t have the light yet. But then they just reloaded a saved checkpoint instead of respawning me.


Bungie is a very ill company. They made Destiny 1 by mistake and they did not learned by it.


The most frustrating thing was everyone knew they fucked up Destiny 1, but the game had huge potential, so they brought in Blizzard consultants to help them fix it up. Taken King was excellent and turned Destiny into a game worth playing. Destiny 2 started from scratch and discarded everything Taken King did.

Bungie also made the same critical mistake that D&D 4th Edition made. In their efforts to balance the game, they made everything boring and samey. No more random weapons, no more exciting exotics, no more game changing class abilities or supers. PvP is just a shitty version of Halo now because class abilities are a non factor and you don’t even get vehicles. PvE is just point and shoot because your most effective DPS is just shooting your assault rifle since every other weapon category is objectively inferior. Each class has 1 effective subclass and the other 2 are just there because they needed to represent each element. But honestly your class and subclass do not matter at all. You can run 6 titans or 6 hunters and do everything just fine if you all have a good assault rifle.


Destiny 2, more bad press.


And more :)


It’s not that weird. They had to release the game in that window, or Activision contract would come down like a hammer, etc. Bungie always runs out of time and puts something together in the nick of time anyway, and it’s always pretty good despite that.


So, Bungie casually slipped in the announcement of the second DLC for Destiny 2 today, in the middle of the blog post about their roadmap for the game. Apparently, it’s coming out May 8th, less than a month away.

That’s… super vague.