Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0

Uhm. Seems like the change they are suggesting is to make your build matter more for the content?

Do not think “johnny two-sticks” can do a high-scoring Nightfall run outside of being carried by someone, but that is ok. I suppose your build matters a tiny bit in NF’s, as your loadout is locked and you could ‘buff’ one elemental damage type.

The biggest thing they could add is to be allowed to do any strike - without matchmaking - then you can imagine you’re playing it “hard mode”.

Not sure what else they can do, outside making more of the game ‘forced grouping’ (Yea, Challenge!) without having matchmaking tools (How about not having me go outside the game to set up a raid… no? - What could be more challenging than being matchmade with 5 randoms).

Being able to customize setup more, sounds nice, but if you have to switch it quickly during a fight, they really need to make the UI load out immediately so you can swap around, even have saved loadouts.

My criticism was how the game could throw at you 5 enemies, and you could slowly walk to them, and kill them by meeleing them, because their damage was so low and nothing happened if your health dropped to 5% because you would recover it in a few seconds.

Which game is that?

So the Annual Pass is on sale this week for $16 on Xbone, down from $35. This seems like a reasonable price, and I’m probably going to pick it up. That’ll set me up for Shadowkeep in the fall, since the game is going f2p, and everything offered a la carte. I’m very curious how the game will turn out now they have their own control over it.

Triumph year 2.0 grind is up.

New this time is that you can “build” your Tribute hall to showcase some of your achievements.

Get 15 done before september and you can buy a t-shirt.

Fun seeing how far in a strike you can get on a Sparrow.

But wish we had those ones with ‘guns’ available all the time.

Finally did the Raid where there is a large part rushing with a sparrow, was fun. Wish the game had matchmaking so I could do the raid as often as I wanted to (at the press of a button) tho’.

Now that the game is “no longer for joe walmart” i suppose they’ll remove matchmaking entirely and have the game (mmo like) centered around standing in the tower shouting /LFG.

I’ve been back into the game recently, too, since the Annual Pass sale a few weeks back. Now I’ve decided I want to try the raids- the only one I’ve ever done was Vault of Glass in D1. I want to know about this Calus character and why he seems so chummy with the Guardians (and vice versa). Not that I actually expect to get a answer, these games are so terrible with putting lore and story in-game, heh.

What the headline omits to mention is the update is a BIOS update.

Friend I used to play with bought a Ryzen, he’s been waiting for that patch for a while now. Gigabyte supposedly had one ready the other day, but they discovered a bug…

This whole season is more or less centered around Calus. That raid has one of the worst encounters in the Destiny universe (about 30% of which is due to bugs).

Still, good luck. If you’re on PC you might have to use the Destiny Discord to find a fireteam, on console there’s other options I believe. Apparently matchmaking means you get failed groups for the raid, as opposed to finding 5 randoms on a random IRC channel.

I don’t know what you mean? Raids have matchmaking now? Is that a new thing? I remember they were doing a ‘Guided Games’ thing for a while, is that still a thing? I did sign up for a website to see if I could find stuff.

  • Raids do not have matchmaking, because bugnie.

  • Guided games was and is a massive failure, especially with the limited number of tokens per round or the limitation to the people “hosting” a guided in game , in that they had to be in the same clan, wasn’t enough that they had completed the raid 520000 times before and were “friends” - and were looking to fill up their party with 2-3 randoms; Either join the same clan or forget about it.

Oh yea, Get this gun while it’s meta.

Yeah, I thought that the whole guided games thing was pretty much done and there was still no matchmaking but like I said, haven’t really paid attention to it.

I just dida search on this subject, and found a Reddit thread talking about it. It reminded me that Xbox has a built-in LFG channel for every game. I just checked, and sure enough, people actually use it! I’ll probably try that tomorrow afternoon.

So I found a better solution. Paul Tassi writes D2 articles for Forbes that pop up in my Google feed from time to time. In my searching, I found an article I just this subject that he wrote back in May. In it he suggests using the official D2 app on my phone.

So I tried it. Made a firearm that said basically " looking to play any Raid or Shattered Throne, never done any before, but I can learn" within 5 minutes I was invited to a team starting Spire of Stars. Most of the team seemed to have played with each other before (I don’t think they were I the same clan, though). One dropped out, was replaced. Then another. We got through it eventually. Everyone was very nice and explained what needed to be done. I still have no idea what the story was supposed to be. I’m not sure what I expected, but it was ultimately underwhelming, but I’ll try the others, I’m sure.

I got through half of Shattered Throne solo a while back. Doing that with a actual team would be fun- it seemed more interesting, anyway.

Edit: I’ve had Lord of Wolves forever. Ding use it much now, though. Is it the current meta hotness? Huh.

The way to find people in 2019 is “Streamers discords”. Popular streamers have discords with about 2000 or 3000 active players. Is very easy in these discords to find active people searching for activities, and usually theres also a channel to find a guild. If your current guild is dead, is advisable to change to an active one.

In spanish theres two popular streamers, Daykiri and Wildgamer. I have both servers, I recently joined a guild there. Then they invited me to a whatsup group where they are tryiing to create raid groups basically 24/7.

For english, I imagine Gothalion, Bomer or Datto would have something similar.

To think that up to 2008 or thereabouts we used /LFG in chat, then we got matchmaking and now we’ve moved from ingame-mechanisms (be it chat or automated) to using a 3rd party system to faciliate it. #ProgressNotProgress

End of year 2 event ongoing, offering you the chance to unlock “Armor 2.0” if you complete an incredibly grindy path. Basically moving through 3 “levels” of armor where each piece (helmet, leggings, etc…) have 3 “objectives”, such as “Kill 100 mobs with Void Grenades,”…

I am about 33% through it now (in terms of armor) and one of my armor pieces have a requirement to kill 100 “minibosses” in a new ‘arena’ style fight. The fight consists of several minibosses that spawn randomly (so you could theoretically get 5-8 per match) but in typical bungie fashion - they require being ‘tagged’ by you to count as a kill - doesn’t work if a team mate kills it. The more minibosses you kill, the more loot you get at the end, and, there is a timer. What this means is that the team is usually spread across the huge map (indoors, outdoors, belowground) looking for the next spawn and trying to kill it as soon as possible – except that those who are on the 2nd (of 3) armor sets need to kill minibosses, so these people will either run around tagging - without killing - or kill as soon as possible - then leave the game to look for more minibosses (instead of finishing the match).

So now you find yourself either, loading into a fight where only the bosses remain and you’re the only one dpsing them; or you’re in a race with 2 other players to see who can tag/Kill the most “minibosses” in the match before they get it.

Bungie yet again creates quest/bounty objectives that are counter to the game mode - If this is any indication on their design for year 3, the game there will be even more suck™. :\

Oh yea; There is a triumph if you Max the armor sets for all 3 classes.

So if you’re a Streamer, have fun - I have work in the morning.

oh yea - they extended the season (but not the event apparently) for another 3 weeks cause they wanted more time to make their steam debut (and xpac) work.

Got this in a humble monthly a while back and never gave it enough time. I liked the ‘idea’ of Warframe, but that game makes me dizzy as heck so thinking of using Destiny 2 as my shooter game of choice. How much ‘game’ is there without jumping on the Forsaken bundle? I’m terribly casual, so as long as there isn’t anything (beyond the obvious extra levels/loot) locked behind that paywall, I’m guessing the base game will cover me at least until Shadowkeep if not longer. And then I can hope for even deeper Forsaken discounts while Shadowkeep is the new hotness (or wait for some sort of everything bundle if I really get hooked).

The base game is a quick and decent afair for 20-40 hours - and I guess more if you repeat the same strikes/crucible, not sure how much has been ported “down” to the base game though, but the main improvements of the game came with Forsaken release). The F2P version of Destiny 2 should be out October 1st.

Thanks… 20-40 isn’t too shabby. I don’t believe the switch of going F2P will actually gain me anything that I don’t already have - I’d still need Forsaken+annual pass, and then Shadowkeep+annual pass to be “complete”.

I am thinking more MP/Strikes should be available for F2P so you would only miss out on PVE/Raid Content and quests?

Which should hopefully mean more players and shorter queues for at least some of the events in the game, but without a change to the matchmaking in Competitive Crucible - to make it Skill Based (and solo friendly) it will still suck, unfortunately.

Kinda funny that a lot of the people I play with would rather get some content from D1 ported than another Mercury etc… so, basically what they could do is spend some resources porting older content to D2 while spending longer time making new stuff.