Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0

So many news and cool stuff is hard to keep track of all of it. Is going to be great. Except the nerfs, f*ck the nerfs.

Looks like you now can complete the linking process to move your Destiny 2 account from Blizzard to Steam.

Do you get to select which steam account, or does it just use the email address you listed on the first page of the wizard and picks whatever steam account tied to that email? Was really little information on the process.

I actually don’t know the exact answer to that, but I think you might be able to select your desired Steam account based on my experience with the process. I remember it asking for the username/pw for your Steam account so I don’t think it needs to be the same email that is tied to your account. That said, I cannot say all of this with 100% certainty. The FAQ and Help pages don’t seem to say much about the topic.

Yea, I see there is a steam link dialogue After accepting the message that states the process is irreversible, so guess it will work.

I don’t think Destiny 2 will ever do it for me, but I’m really curious how a Destiny 3 will look like without interference and oversight from Activision. Has Bungie announced their plans? More DLC for #2, or are they going to get to work on a sequel?

I personally hope Bungie finally starts working on other stuff after Destiny 2.

Well, they’ve said that they understand they can’t just keep expanding D2 much more- the current install size is well north of 100GB, and every expansion just increases that. People like to have more than one game installed, y’know.

Hardly have time for more than Destiny 2 tbh… with all those time limited events, and stuff and achievements disappearing.

Only 6 days left to finish my third character…

And Season 18 in Diablo starting in… 1-2 days??..

Still wish they’d add all the Destiny 1 stuff.

Alright, I went to Bungie’s website and signed up for whole cross-platform thing. So now theoretically when the game becomes free to play, I can continue my Xbox character on any platform: Xbox, PS4 or Steam.

Battle pass announced. $10 for the premium track.

That’s included in Shadowkeep, right?

The first one is.

Wait, why only a discount on the ps4/xbox Forsaken?

I was pretty disappointed to read that this morning. 5 year plan for Destiny 2? Gah, I wish Bungie would return to making challenging single player content. I didn’t really see any hint of that in that article. There’s more work towards infinite grind and your armor and all these other things I have no interest in.

Oh well. Maybe in 2025 I’ll get a Bungie game for me again.

IIRC, Bungie has a secret second game in the works. They got an influx of money a while back from one of the big Chinese game companies to fund it.

So then… mobile reskin?

Prolly an Autochess.