Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0

If I’m starting from zero do I need to buy forsaken and shadowkeep while they’re on sale?

I’ve gotten by without the expansions so far, so I don’t know if “need” is the right word for the expansions. That said, they do enable some new areas, equipment, and gameplay modes, so I’d say they definitely offer value. It depends on whether you think you’ll exhaust the vanilla content.

I mean, I’d be tempted if I wasn’t already trying to work through my very large backlog of things I bought during last year’s holiday sale.

If you like the gameplay, then definitely get them. They add an enormous amount of content, and most of it is really good.

Is it strictly endgame content or leveling content too?

Both. Leveling is odd in D2. Your character doesn’t level at all, he just gets better gear with increasingly higher “light scores.” It goes up fairly quickly doing any content at all, then it slows down quite a bit at the soft cap.

Most of the content is horizontal in terms of power growth. Each expansion has a host of legendary and exotic gear pieces and ways to farm them. Until you get to the very end of the endgame, most of that gear remains viable, and you have enormous latitude to choose based on playstyle. There’s a ton of fun stuff to chase.

There’s no easy way to answer these types of question because of the structural mess D2 is currently in.

In general if you enjoy the game and expect to be onboard for the longer term, then you probably need everything, maybe excluding Forsaken.

If you are just testing the waters you either go free, or buy the season pass that will give tons of materials while you play. Yet this isn’t a good idea, I’ll explain at the end…

So, the general problem is what I described in the whole thread and that has been covered even by general news, there’s no “starting from zero” because the typical progression to the content is not there anymore. You start at power level 750, and that means above ALL legacy content.

This means that all the content part of the ideal progression from zero is already “behind you”. You can do it, and there’s a good amount of stuff to go through, but it’s very, very easy, making the gameplay itself very bland, and so not even a good introduction to why people play Destiny.

At the same time, every tiny thing you do as you step in the game counts as character progress. You could even ignore all that content and you’d still progress just fine, and really fast. “Content” and progression are disconnected. Going from 750 to 900 is very fast even playing very casually. The first softcap is at 900, at that point the star map will give you icons for those activities that give powerful rewards and that make you progress from 900 to 950. Even here, none of the “content” matters, for character progress. From 950 onward progress grinds to an halt and is essentially reserved to dedicated guilds, more or less.

For all this none of the content enters the picture, at all. The only exception being the stuff you wear and use. Some exotic quests for special weapons are indeed tied to Forsaken, Shadowkeep and Season pass. So, character progress is one thing, removed from content. Item progress (or rather type, unique items) is instead partially tied to what you buy.

By default you have plenty of stuff available, but there’s “more” stuff behind the paywalls. (but, even then, much of old stuff is mechanically outdated anyway, if you care about performance)

Forsaken itself is a separate purchase. It was the best expansion and content, but this isn’t valid anymore: lots of content of Forsaken is already integrated in the free version. Then some other stuff, like a lot of the post game and some of the quest flow that made Fosaken a meaty and remarkable expansion, has been gutted entirely. It’s just not there anymore. So, after you remove the stuff that was cut, and the stuff that is part of the free game, what’s left is the shorter campaign and the exotic items still part of that purchase. When you buy Forsaken today you don’t buy the Forsaken that was and many players still recommend. The shorter campaign is still the best campaign, but it’s both made easier and much shortened compared to what it was originally.

Then there’s Shadowkeep and season pass. I don’t know exactly when, but this week the current season pass ends. All the content is gone. IF you buy Shadowkeep AFTER the current season ends, the purchase will include the next season pass, covering the next three months (don’t buy anything until this happens). The pass by itself is $10, very, very scarce of content, but gives you tons of mats that are useful if you plan to play the game instead of just visiting it.

So, you either go free, and won’t miss much. But it means you’re just visiting and aren’t exactly on board for what Destiny wants to be. Or to be up to date you’ll need Shadowkeep, that includes the Season Pass at some point this week. Forsaken being an optional purchase, for that campaign content that is still a pale version of what it was, and whatever exotic quests and content it had.

I’d probably wait a sale to get that stuff.

EDIT: When I mention the Season Pass it’s not the Season Pass you might buy with Shadowkeep, but the single, three months, “Season” that comes with Shadowkeep base version. I think there’s an optional “Season Pass” that includes the whole year.

Big issue with the Season pass, or more specicically the rewards and achievement.

Unless you have a LOT of time to spend to get them, do not even bother looking at it.

Considering I do not know how much time I have to spend on Destiny 2 for the next season I am not sure I’ll even buy the season pack, as I’ll miss out on so much of the “content” and “rewards” unless I can dedicate streamer-amount of time to it.

In addition some of their quest design is mind-boggling fucked up, like doing a strike requiring YOU to get a special kind of kill, except you’re matchmade with 2 others who are NOT trying to do that, or ALSO, so you are fighting your team mates to get quest progress instead of sharing progress anyone makes.

Shouldn’t be surprised though, bungie is known for making quests that go counter to the game mode you are playing, for some fucking reason.

Those kinds of quests were generally fun when we were actually playing co-op among friends.

This is the gamble with all of these progression based pass schemes. The price is the same whether you hit max level and reap all the rewards, or you only manage to make it to level 14 and only get a few minor gewgaws.

Season of Dawn is out now. Patch notes here:

Wow, not many Destiny 2 players here.

List of all the stuff they removing at the end of yet another Season of BS.

So much stuff they remove, and some interesting quests.

In addition, they doing something to the loot pool related to “max power level” possible on drops, so if you need a particular weapon they haven’t “patched” to drop at the max power level, it will no longer be obtainable from what I understand…

Today we’re going to talk about some changes that are coming in Season 11 to the way the world loot pool works. Because the world pool serves as a baseline of legendary gear that can be earned across different activities, we want to update and refresh it seasonally with meta relevant weapons, some of which were previously exclusive to specific activities like Gambit or Crucible.

This shared pool can also be unwieldy – if you’re looking for a specific roll of a specific weapon, a pool too large can make it statistically challenging to find, much less with the roll you want. Starting in Season 11, it will be curated both for relevance and overall size, to strike a balance between number of rewards and the chance to get a sought-after drop. Every season gear from previous seasons will be added, and any gear that would no longer have a Max Power Level greater than or equal to the current Season cap will be cycled out to ensure that drops are Power relevant in the current Season.

The World Pool for Season 11 will consist of the following weapons:

  • Uriel’s Gift
  • Elatha FR4
  • The Old Fashioned
  • Mos Epoch III
  • Hawthorne’s Field-Forged Shotgun
  • Last Hope
  • Timelines’ Vertex
  • Interference VI
  • Dire Promise
  • True Prophecy
  • Jian 7 Rifle
  • Enigma’s Draw
  • Distant Tumulus
  • Escape Velocity
  • Honor’s Edge
  • Gnawing Hunger
  • Arsenic Bite-4b
  • Main Ingredient
  • Outrageous Fortune
  • Truthteller
  • Nature of the Beast
  • Last Perdition
  • Bad Omens
  • Night Watch
  • Toil and Trouble
  • Wishbringer
  • Last Dance
  • Lonesome
  • Long Shadow
  • Steel Sybil Z-14

If you still need a weapon or weapon roll from the current Vanguard, Crucible, or Gambit playlists that isn’t on that list, go grab it now!

I really hope they end with this Season bullshit and stop removing content you pay for. Especially content that includes unique locations and whatnot.

"Oh, you got less time to play season 10 because you were in the fucking hospital with corona for 4 weeks, to bad, we removed everything, but do not worry, if you feel up for it you can grind 24/7 in Season 11 to complete all the objectives before we delete them, even if you’re 1% off the goal… ".

They opened up a quest called “The lie” 1-2 weeks ago, one step included getting 1000 shotgun kills (or quicker in pvp). So for those who are a little bit slow at shotgunning, or didn’t do a useless shite event on Mars that Bugnie decided to recreate AGAIN (Seraph towers) - without matchmaking, to grind it out… there’s 13 days left to get it done.

I thought the point of making Destiny 2 was that the content pipeline for Destiny 1 was horrific and extremely time consuming. They still seem really slow at building out new content, though, at least when I’m comparing it to other online games like Warframe, Path of Exile, etc.

I played Shadowkeep when it came to Steam and had a good time (after only playing it for a little while in the initial release) but I haven’t really seen much to pull me back in.

It’s why I don’t pay for any season passes in any game. I’ll never accomplish even half of a season pass.

Yea, it seems really slow for them to add stuff, and, as has been the case with a lot recently, when they add something new they remove “just as much”.

And still so many great features from Destiny 1 that were already “working” are missing in action, like SRL, the “books” (sort of Triumph/collection thing…).

I suppose they fear that, if they keep all the old stuff in the game, the population will be too dilluted between everything, which other games have already solved through rotating “focus on this today or this week for extra reward” incentivisation, or even through Cross-play for non-competitive content, so instead of 50.000 PC players and 1m PS4/700k XB1 (or whatever) you’d have 2+m players all being matchmade together.

I am guessing next season we’ll see YET ANOTHER “Open world” event requiring a well coordinated team of players at high light level doing some “dunk and throw” event to summon some shit while fighting lots of mobs, all in a public zone where 2 guys will be doing something else, leaving the remaining 2-3 “3-man-fireteam slots” alone to handle it themselves.

Recall the Mars event required quite a few players to compete, but if 3 people joined the same zone, and they were in different fireteams, that zone would be “locked” and the only way to get more people was to either invite them through the ingame friends/clan list or go on discord or other third party apps to find players - because Matchmaking is bad.

@Telefrog This season I made it… Well, except for the event they unlocked 6 weeks before end of season, namely the Grandmaster Nightfalls, which to complete required me to be MAX Light level to even JOIN, and since I had not “grinded enough” (according to some) this season (Discounting the fact that a lot of my +light upgrades have been duplicates or for the same slot, rendering them USELESS for achieving max light level) I can not get this achievement, since I missed the first week of it.

(Event requires 6 GM Nightfalls completed in as many weeks, rotating 1 per week)

All the vaults and stuff they added this season will disappear once it ends, so all the work they made on making some nice (albeit not that large) areas will disappear, as well as whatever locations were included in the exotic weapon quests…

When I find myself thinking back at something that I liked in Destiny… I wonder “Was this in Destiny 2?”… and most of the time the answer was, NO, it was in Destiny 1. But at least now, with the removal of even more stuff in Destiny 2 as the season onslaught continues, perhaps I can remember things in Destiny 2 that they also removed. (oh yea, I already miss the timed nightfalls without all the shitty modifiers…).

Event thingy in 40 minutes apparently at the tower.

Everyone waiting to see what it will be.
Recorded it, jump to 1:34 for the fireworks.

Meteor shower.

I haven’t played in over a year but it was cool to watch the event with a random streamer.

Destiny 2 expansions coming in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

And they’re working on a new IP “with light-hearted and whimsical characters” for release in 2025.

Sheesh. I used to love Bungie. Oh well. Plenty of great developers still left, I suppose. Hopefully whatever it is in 2025 will be great, and it won’t be a hero shooter or something.

I abandoned the game a few months ago but I was sure I’d be back for the new expansion and play at least October/November but… wow.

Well, at least I can free some disk space now.

They are going to remove half the content of the game, slice strikes list by half (and so gut the already disappointing variety of the game). And all this just to sell another anemic expansion that seem to have even less content than the terrible Shadowkeep.

I mean, Shadowkeep destroyed all legacy content and story campaigns. Coming September they’ll remove all if it. If it was bleeding, now it’s dead.

Well done?

Curious how it turned out.

People complained that the seasonal content was added and then removed. Now not only all seasonal content will be gone, but also half of the rest of the game.

Before: adding and removing “just as much”.
Now: half the game we had until today.

Well, supposedly their metrics say that the content they’re removing is almost never touched by players, so just taking up space on your HDD. I’ll admit, the video with the return of the unknown Exo had me a little intrigued with her little fish-butterfly-ghost thing. I didn’t buy Shadowkeep, though, and I’ve uninstalled it right now, and there’s little chance I’ll be back. I would like to know what the whole pyramid ship thing is, and (whatever they’ve shoehorned in to be) the true nature of the Darkness. Ah, well.