Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0


Baron Von Rocket is @crater. He was around a couple days back accepting join requests, and was going to set some admins but don’t think it happened.


I’m merryprankster on PS4 and I’m already in a clan but people can always message me if they are looking to group up.

In other news I finally crept over 280 light tonight and ended at 282. It’s really nice to be able to buy and craft Legendary Gear Mods now. Super handy both for buffing light score, but also boosting things like reload speed and cooldown timers.

It seems like maybe that’s how they intend people to smooth out their cooldowns or make tweaks.


Hey guys, sorry for the snafu. I went through and approved all of the pending invites.

I also promoted Tom and ColonelT to Admins (who can also add admins), to hopefully prevent this from happening again. I also went and promoted Tom to “Founder” so he should now have full ownership over all the clan stuff.

I bought it for the PC, so I likely won’t be playing much until that drops. I’ve been busy with a lot of work and personal stuff for some time, glad to see so many familiar names doing well!

Edit: Looks like only the founder can add Admins, so Tom is your only hope now.


Gah, sorry about that, Crater! I hope I didn’t guilt you into a coup, but I’ll do what I can to take good care of us and I look forward to seeing you in there when the PC version comes out. Frankly, I had planned to wait myself, but I could only take so much taunting* from @Mike_Cathcart and @Jason_McMaster before giving in. Still, I marvel at how good this is going to look on a PC and how much less I’m going to suck once I can play with a mouse.


* Okay, it was a single email, but it was still very tauntful.


They do a lot of outsourcing for Destiny 2 art. It’s basically impossible for them to control these kind of things from the get go. Community policing is the only solution.


Thank you Crater for getting me/everyone into the Clan! I for one will continue to treat you as our rightful leader…

(Which probably wont be too hard, as the typical Chick halflife is only a few weeks. I bet he will have moved on to newer games soon, and you can retake your chosen throne.)


Should I leave my clan and join the Qt3?




P.S. I just earned the clan, like, a thousand experience points or some such thing. You’re all welcome.


well, approve my join requests, you fancy jerk


Well, shit. OK, another request sent then.


When I try to accept you, says “We’ve encountered an error. Try again later.” But your invite still shows as pending, so I’ll bang on the accept button from time to time. It’s bound to let you in eventually. I mean, sheesh, it even let McMaster in!

EDIT: Wait, now the invite is gone. What did you do to piss off Bungie, @divedivedive? Did you give a Halo game one star or something?



I was just venting because I thought we were going with the other clan. I’m already over it!

Anyway looks like they’ve released raid info, going live tonight. Light levels recommended in the 260-280 range. I’m not there yet, maybe not for a while, but I’m hoping some folks playing on Xbox will want to try the raid at some point.


If I don’t even know what a light level is, do I qualify?



If it’s like Destiny 1, then it’s something you start gaining once you hit level 20. You never hit level 21, but you start increasing light level instead.


Aw hell yeah. Request re-resent! Apparently it didn’t like me trying to join your clan while I was still in McMaster’s. Way to force your patriarchal clan monogamy on me, Bungie.

Edit: oh yeah, light levels. That improves with your gear. You’ll be limited in the quality of gesr until hit hit player level 20, but just as a gun with power level of 200 is objectively better than a gun with 190, those little improvements also up your light level. You’ll see on every campaign mission a recommended light level asscciated with it, raids are the same way. Just that their lowest recommended level is going to be pretty high. I’m at 221 as of last night.


Oh, light level is just power level? Why don’t they just call it that then? Bungie sure does love their lore.



Pretty much. There’s some kind of internal calculus going on that converts all the power levels of your gear into the total light level of your character, but you don’t need to worry about that. Just like every other game except golf, higher numbers = better.


I think I sent a request to the right link, LeafOnTheWind on the PS4. I was hoping a few friends would pick this up but they’re pretty uninterested. So I’ll be playing mostly solo I think but what is coop style around Qt3? Are people grouping up through the campaign or just random PvE? Is it just high level endgame stuff or PvP?


Power level is what they used to call Light level in Destiny 1 but the community has been slow to change their habits.


It’s just your gear score, they put it in a big number on the top right of your character screen but it is confusingly labeled “Power”. Anyway, it’s there from level 1.

Ok, I’m at 260. Let’s raid. Tom, you good to go?