Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0


Power level is what they used to call Light level in Destiny 1 but the community has been slow to change their habits.


It’s just your gear score, they put it in a big number on the top right of your character screen but it is confusingly labeled “Power”. Anyway, it’s there from level 1.

Ok, I’m at 260. Let’s raid. Tom, you good to go?


Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but Destiny 2 is one of those games where no one would ever be annoyed if you joined their game in progress. That’s certainly true for me if you ever see me online. Please jump in with me and help me shoot stuff! I don’t have a mic set up for the PS4, so apologies in advance for being a crappy conversationalist, but I’d love to have you covering my six, and my flank, and anything outside the narrow 10 to 15-degree cone where I’m shooting wildly at whatever thing looks most dangerous.

Yep. I figure 99 is close enough! Let’s do this thing!



I’m creeping up on light power level 250, and I’ve entirely ignored the blue weapon and armor mods I’ve accumulated so far.

At this point it still seems like I’m swapping things out often enough that there’s no point applying them to things I’m not going to use for long.

But on the other hand, I realize there really isn’t a reason to save them either, right? So does anyone have any tips or advice on what and when to upgrade?


No idea. I’ve got my fair share of mods, even got an exotic mod which appears to be good only for a specific exotic weapon I don’t have. Maybe when I settle on a last bunch of weapons/armor I’ll fiddle with mods.


Pretty sure those are the exotic “ornaments” and I think they’re just cosmetic. I have a couple I can’t use yet either.


Save them, at 280 light you start combining them to make legendary mods. 3 blue combine to form 1 purple.


Callus is too much like Trump, not enough like the Orokin or Osiris. Callus weapons have bling, they look like something some warchief or gang leader would use. They lack class but this time I think is intended. Destiny 2 players in full raid gear set will look like new riches in the ancient egypt, dress in ivory and gold.


De-lurking to say that I too would like to join in on the PS4 massacring of various life form loot pinatas in the Destiny 2 universe! Join clan request sent from hahahabonk.



Yesterday I played through a few missions in the story. I was picking up various pieces of armor and guns at a pretty fast pace. And then I picked up my first Scout Rifle. Oh man, I had forgotten how much I loved Scout rifles until I had one in my hand again, going pop pop pop, getting headshots left and right. Feels SOOOO Good.

Also, as someone said upthread, there’s so much more going on in Destiny with these more frequent public events. Even as you’re going back and forth in the main areas doing your missions, you see a big attack as part of a public event, and maybe it’s because I haven’t seen them before, you can’t help but be drawn in.


…And a PSA for those that played Destiny 1: I discovered last night that the Phalanx guards in Destiny 2 can be forced to lower their shields if you hit the center of the shield.

I went through the entire campaign aiming for the arm and feet.


Well, in Destiny 2 their shields have a big bright glowing spot right in the middle. So of course I shot that spot. Why wouldn’t I?


Man, I knew there had to be a way. I kept trying to plink their extended arm and gun hand, since that would get them to sort of convulse back in the original game, exposing their head. But that doesn’t work in this one.


This was me until just now. I thought they just made them way harder to hit. Thanks!


I remember being told that in the first mission, but I suppose it would be easy to miss.


You get the feedback now with yellow numbers popping up from center-shield shots.

A number of the enemies had rough patches smoothed out from Destiny 1. The Taken psions, for example, are much less prone to infinite splitting now. Enemies with energy shields appear to take a big burst of hurt when their shields pop.


There are Destiny quirks to un-learn at the meta level too. Engrams and rewards used to decrypt at a light/power level commensurate with only your equipped gear, so if you weren’t prioritizing light level (for which there are plenty of valid reasons, especially in PvP), you had to remember to switch to that gear before decrypting anything or you were limiting the potential of your drops.

As I understand it now, engram light levels are fixed (discounting some slight but consistent randomness) when they drop, and it’s calculated based on all your gear, including things you’re not wearing and gear in your vault.

So you don’t have to switch outfits just to decrypt things or worry about your drops—you’re always getting the best possible drops based on your current potential. A welcome improvement.


I had a moment of being bummed-out last night when I beat the campaign but then they gave me a present, the game said “but look at all these new missions for you!” and pop-pop-pop all these new mission flags blipped into existence on my maps! This game never ends!


Guess I must have missed the Guardian meeting where your told you can only equip one Exotic at a time. Good thing I spent all those legendary shards to get that second one…


Speaking of which, did Xur pay us a visit? Where’s he hanging out? I’ve missed my weekly hide-and-seek expeditions.