Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0

lol… I also booted up Destiny since it was on gamepass.

I played Destiny 2 a while back, but I think it was before Forsaken. Played the crap out of Destiny 1, but Destiny 2 couldn’t keep my interest nearly as long.

So now I jumped back in, and it looks and plays super smooth on the new system. But I found myself kind of overwhelmed with all the stuff that’s in there now since the last time I played.

Beyond Light is kind of meh. like your favorite group playing his less know songs

it has some good stuff on it, but it feel the recycling machine start soon filling everything with filler

Who’s still active on Destiny 2? I picked this up recently when some of my friends started looking for some other games to play together aside from Apex and we’ve been having a good time so far - exhausted the free content so picked up Beyond light over the weekend.

I keep sorta wanting to as the FPS part of it is pretty solid and fun… But literally everything else about it makes me retch. Is it still FOMOaaS driven (Fear of Missing Out as a Service)? Are all the powerful QoL UI features and matchmaking still tucked into some fucking mobile app? Have Bungle displayed evidence of having even the faintest idea of what they’re even doing with… any of it?

I’ve been playing this on the new XBox, since it is free with gamepass. I had played it previously on the PS4, and was able to carry over my characters.

There’s a lot of new content since I had last played it, as I only played the original game, and neither of the 2 follow on expansions.

Overall, I’ve been enjoying it.

The PvP is pretty meh, compared to more competitive shooters. Back in Destiny 1, this was overcome by the special abilities, which made it a unique game… but in Destiny 2, they dramatically increased the cooldown for such abilities, so you rarely get to actually use them in PvP matches… so you’re left with just the meh part.

However, the PvE aspect is still very well done. I’m not a huge fan in how they’ve increased the grind aspects of the game in some ways, which I guess was part of it becoming more of a gaming as a service kind of thing. However, overall, still a good game.

Myself and at least one family member just got it. A second is on the fence. Seems fun, but we’re still running through the Main PvE stuff.

Who knows what we’ll all feel like once the grindy part hits.

Also, I did a few auto group finder things on PC, with no mobile app.

Still playing on gamepass - Pyperkub on xBox (not sure if there’s crossplay). Note, can’t find my headset, so haven’t been doing Raids/Dungeons yet.

Gambit is fun, and I still suck in the Crucible, but I’m getting better as I play (actually had a K/D ratio over 1 for the first time since coming back in Oct. In one match… ).

There’s matchmaking for the easiest difficulties, always have been.

But if you’re a soloist, and want to group with randos to do some of the harder content, you need to use the ‘LFG’ feature that is only present in the mobile app.

At least, in theory. I only tried that once, and I did not get it to work. I had one achievement left to do for that season which required clearing some of the new content on the hard(est?) difficulty. I tried for 2 days to get it to work to no avail. Unfortunately the ‘hook’ in Destiny 2, which I think really started in that season, is FOMO; do things when the game tells you or lose the opportunity forever.

I’ve missed out before. That’s life. Can’t do everything. But here I missed out and it did not feel like my fault. I missed out due to Bungle’s awful design direction and technical incompetence. I’d done everything else that season, by which I mean some grindy stuff which I didn’t necessarily resent but would likely not have done otherwise. This was the last thing on a long list with only the last couple of days of the season left and I was tripped up at the finish line. If I’d got my group it probably would’ve taken me only an hour or two to finish.

I have not been back since.

I haven’t fired this up in ages, for all the reasons people have mentioned. A pity, as I do like the gunplay.

It looks like there is a beta for a built in grouping for raids now, which i have yet to use, but is new.

The big next-gen patch drops today, boosting the FPS up to 60 or 120, FOV customization, etc.

Also, you can now use the companion app to get bounties, rather than having to go to the individual NPC’s.

Lots of other stuff.

This patch is taking a lot longer than i expected on the XSX, and apparently that’s because it’s downloading the whole game, which kind of makes sense as it’s moving from the xbox one version to the XSX version. Kinds of nice that it’s doing it seamlessly. Apparently there is a bit more you need to do is you are on the ps5.

I think all the Destiny updates redownload the entire game. At least a fair amount do when expansions are added, etc. Not sure if XSX versions will be different.

Thank god I switched to unlimited data the other day. All these massive downloads this month.

The patch seems nice thus far… Now, my garbage eyes aren’t ideal for noting little differences, and I’m playing in 1080p, so I’m not seeing the 4k version, but the framerate appears to be 60 now. It’s harder to detect the difference for me when not watching two things side by side, but it seems smoother as you’d expect (I tend not to be really bothered by framerate unless it gets below 30).

Overall, even though I’m still playing at 1080p, the overall graphical fidelity on the XSX appears crisper. One of the most notable things, although totally immaterial to the game, is the view of ships in space. Those views definitely look better, in a significant way.

There was a debate between me and a buddy regarding the “120 Hz” option for crucible.

He was suggesting that it was still just 60fps, but at a 120Hz signal, so each frame essentially sent to the TV twice. This seems like it’s wrong to me.

First, it seems wrong because when doing this, they’re downgrading the graphics… which doesn’t seem like you’d need to if you aren’t generating more frames. Also, I can’t understand what the point of this would be anyway. On the TV, the refresh rate may actually have an impact on something like flicker (although I don’t know how much this is even an issue on a LCD or LED display, as they aren’t using a scanning tech like old CRT displays). But sending more, duplicated frames to the TV doesn’t seem like it would have any impact at all… so I can’t see why you would do this.

But at the same time, the documentation of the output signal in Hz rather than FPS seems somewhat intentional… so does anyone know about this? It’s 120 fps, right? I can’t see why it wouldn’t be. But at the same time, my old TV is only 60hz anyway, so it’s wasted on me.

If I were/had been a serious crucible player then I probably wouldn’t play it at anything other than 30fps. Destiny 2 has a track history of things being broken running at faster rates. The big ticket issues like the one I linked are likely all fixed but the fact that this even really happened at all wouldn’t have me placing too much trust in Bungie’s abilities here.

Why would you ever bother running at a framerate beyond 60 if your TV only runs at 60hz? Because such timing issues are nothing new and might offer certain advantages to advanced players. Whether timing discrepancies confer advantage or disadvantage, and, of course, if they’re big enough to care about anyway will just be down to the game.

I vaguely recall id addressing this directly in Doom 3 with their tic implementation but I don’t really know how well that worked out offhand…

If I’ve read things correctly, this new year of seasonal content isn’t supposed to expire until the next expansion. Bungie trying to fix the FOMO.

Ya, I haven’t felt too much pressure to do specific stuff, since coming back and playing over the past few weeks.

Nothing I do can get the PS5 to ugrade my PS4 install. Fucking ridiculous

None of this works:

You’re not really updating. You’re downloading a new version. Start by deleting the PS4 version if it’s still installed. Go to the PS Store and find the PS4 & PS5 version of Destiny 2 and click Download. For me that just added the PS5 version to my account and did not start a download. After that I went to my game library, found Destiny 2, made sure I was looking at the native PS5 version using the “…” button, and then started the download.