Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0





Actually I guess I got two, since I now have the multi tool and mini tool. Twice the awesome!


This game have a really good glimmer drain:

Glimmer => weapons mods

weapons mods => legendary weapon mods

(breaking) legendary weapon mods => mats to buy random weapon mods

(luck) buying random weapons mods => kinetic legendary mod

You can turn a lot of glimmer into a kinetic legendary mod, to add a +5 light to your main weapons.


We tried the nightfall for the first time last night at 260 light and got the boss to 1/3 health before timing out. It’s not that bad. I died like six times in the intro sequence before I figured out what was going on, so we lost a ton of time there. I think we’ll do it next time.


Somehow I picked up an exotic gun quest that requires me to complete the raid. I think my light level is getting to within striking distance of ready for that (268), so if we’re starting to get some raid play together, I’m willing. tensten on PS4.


I also have that quest, though I have no idea how qualified I am for the raid even at 281.


Finally finished the raid tonight and the next step of the quest is a 300 level “nightfall” style strike. It’s rugged. I like that it’s so hard though, leaves more challenges out there past the raid.

281 should be ok for raid, but it definitely felt nicer this week at 294. I’d say 290+ is a good spot for the raid unless you really want to have scramble a lot, especially during the last boss.


I did the “guided” Nightfall and it went very smoothly. I was equipped at 280, my guides were 300 and 291, and we just played it straightforward and it went off without a hitch. No attempt to cheese anomalies needed, just advancing carefully but steadily, getting all the anomalies as we went. Got to the boss with about 12 minutes, eliminated him with just under five.

Downside: it took about 15–20 minutes queued waiting for some guides, but hey, that’s what picross on my iPad is for.


Yeah forgot to mention we didn’t cheese it. We took a moral stand against cheesing our first clear.

The key for my group this week was to use the rocket launcher Xur is selling right now. It was clutch for clearing up the trash in the defend ghost room as well as the boss room.


I played enough this weekend to get enough Purple things that I could recycle to get enough Legendary gems or whatever the currency is, so that I could buy that rocket launcher from Xur.

Only then did I find out that calling this thing a rocket launcher is … false advertising? I guess you could call it a rocket launcher from a space anime like Robotech where the rockets go all over the place. I used it for a Strike, but I’m not sure how to use it properly. Instead of using it against a single boss target, am I supposed to use it against groups of enemies?


Yeah, there are too many low-damage rockets that won’t crit for it to be of any real use against most bosses. It seems decent against large groups, but only if you’re somewhat close range and even then a grenade will suffice most of the time. I’m curious how good it is in PVP. I think that’s where it might shine the most.


Btw, like I said right after I played the Alpha, I am just loving the World War 1/2 weapons they’ve added to this game. I’m not even sure if these weren’t in Destiny 1, maybe I just missed them, but I absolutely love the feel of these weapons. So far, there’s one that looks and fires like one of those famous German pistols, the kind you find on Nazi Generals in Wolfenstein. Then there’s the gun that fires just like an MP40. I hope I continue to find other WW2 guns in here. They are just so satisfying. It makes me wish Bungie would do a WW2 game.


I mentioned it made a difference in the current Nightfall. Specifically, there were 2 areas that it was essential.

The first part is where you have to defend Ghost from the waves of Fallen. The Fallen spawn from 2 corners of the room, and if you see a big pack of them piling out you can kill most of them with 1 shot from that thing. Have a person responsible for each side of the room and the 3rd person helps as needed, whichever side is getting overrun, otherwise they mop up the spear guys who stealth into the circle.

In the boss fight, once you get the boss down 1/3rd health the room starts spawning lots of fallen. It’s not as easy to wipe a bunch of them because it’s so chaotic, but you can still mop up big packs of them with that launcher, especially around the servitors. Alternately, equip a shotgun or Merciless as your power weapon and just go hard DPS on the boss when he appears.


I’m thinking that the exotic “riskrunner” sub machine gun may play a useful role in the boss fight on this week’s nightfall.

It’s power makes it so that after you’ve taken Arc damage, its bullets become lighning bolts, and there is a high chance of them reloading your clip… the effect is that when it’s active, you can basically just hold down the trigger and fire continuously while its active.

In the boss fight, there is a lot of arc damage getting thrown around. The robot things electrify the floor, and if that counts as arc damage, that means you could trigger this gun’s ability at will… which should make it turbo broken during that fight.


Yes, the floors will trigger Riskrunner. It’s one of the main equipment recommendations for that strike in general. (It’s not just the boss, there’s also near-constant arc damage in the other main bottleneck, of defending the ghost).


That’s good to know since I’ve lucked into a riskrunner. Maybe I’ll give the nightfall a shot this week …


Hey since this is the Destiny thread, lets talk about Pulse Rifles. They suck, right? Autorifles seem to be the top DPS in every situation. They had to nerf them in Destiny 1 because they were too good, I’m guessing they forgot to port over that nerf for Destiny 2.


Eh, pulse rifles can certainly do some serious work if you leverage their precision.

The exotic one that fires a mini black hole can crank out ABSURD damage… that last bullet of each burst, if it hits the head, does some crazy multiple of normal damage.

The thing about it which is hard to notice though, is that it feels like the rifle pulls way up, but it actually doesn’t… or rather, all 3 shots fire prior to the pull. So if you just aim at a target’s head, you’ll usually land all 3 shots on their head.


Remember, it resets tomorrow, so tonight is your only shot.


Damn. I tried running it alone, since I meet the minimum requirement, but it’s too hard for one person.

Any chance of running it tonight with other Qt3 players on Xbox 1? @divedivedive maybe? Are you high enough level in the Xbox version Wholly?