Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0


Damn. I tried running it alone, since I meet the minimum requirement, but it’s too hard for one person.

Any chance of running it tonight with other Qt3 players on Xbox 1? @divedivedive maybe? Are you high enough level in the Xbox version Wholly?


Oh I thought you guys were talking about the coming week’s nightfall. Oh well.

But I’ll probably be online tonight, if anyone is around and wants to give it a go. Think I’m around light level 265 at this point.


Just curious: What do you actually get for doing a Weekly Nightfall?

A Legendary Engram?


unlocks a milestone for you. Usually has higher level gear than normal


One of the few ways to get a near guarantee light level upgrade is doing Nightfall.

Course, if you’re in a guild clearing all the weekly unlocks you get a bunch of chances for upgrades.


You an achievement. An ACHIEVEMENT, man.


I was thinking mostly of tonight.

Of course I want to eventually do a Nightfall. The question is what I’d be losing out on by not doing one tonight and having the weekly reset come tomorrow. I mean, there will be another Nightfall Strike next week that’s also good for getting the milestone and the achievement.


If you’re just going to do one, it doesn’t matter which one. But the powerful gear milestones a) reset every week b) are the only realistic way to advance in light once you’re at 265 and have finished all the exotic weapon quests. So if you want to e.g. get to a comfortable raid range ASAP, it’s going to be valuable to get the milestone for both this week’s and next week’s quest.

If you’re not at over 260 yet, there’s going to be no real value to doing any Nightfalls. You can still get light level increases just from normal playing just as easily.

The last consideration is that finishing a nightfall with at least 5 minutes on the clock is going to be a requirement for the Rat King exotic weapon quest. But there’s going to be a bunch of other things you need to do first.


Hahahah, I love the circular nature of this, since the only exotic weapon quests I have so far, there’s two of them:

In the first one, the next step is to successfully do the Raid.
In the second one, the next step is to dycrypt 6 more Purple Engrams and 1 Yellow Engram (which I’ve never seen).

Of course, I can’t do the Raid, until I get high level first. And maybe it’s the same for a Yellow Engram?


I guess this may be a slight spoiler but if you’re post-campaign, head to earth and look for the Enhance! blue flag mission.


Another “quick” way to possibly gear up would be to make a 2nd and a 3rd character similar to your first, get them to 20, then do all the quests for them.


I appreciate you putting “quick” in quotes, since it took me about a standard FPS length worth of play to get to this point in the game. (almost 20 hours).


My second character took 9.5 hours to hit ~270, but my Main was 284 at that point (and a lot more than 20 hours put into it…) That said, I only grinded - then did did storyline, no side-stuff etc… and still haven’t done the exotic weapon quests on that character.

Contemplating making a 2nd Hunter as my 3rd char, or doing the titan that got transferred from year one. Might do Hunter first… THEN delete it and do a new titan.

Course… they’ll first have to end their MADNESS maintenance periods… and I’ll probably have to start grinding faction rep, so … could take a while.


You’ll get the exotic engrams as random drops. Maybe one exotic per 10-20 legendaries?

In addition to the blue flag on Earth mentioned by divedivedive, there’s a exotic weapon quest associated with the blue flag on Nessus. Both of these are kind of annoying, and both give an legendary energy weapon and exotic kinetic weapon. So the efficient way to play is to advance your other equipment by e.g. milestones between doing these two quests.

Then there’s the Rat King which I think starts from the Titan blue flag. But the steps you need to do after finishing the actual quest are literally impossible to finish by yourself. They need to be done in a team with other players who are doing or have done the same quest.

Subsequent playthroughs will be faster since you can share weapons from the other characters. (They’ll also be worse, since the flaws of the campaign are more obvious the second time through). I got my third character to 278 in a single 12 hour session, and still have to do any of the exotics or powerful gear quests.

Was going to do them just now before start a raid and finish at about 290. Except we’ve been hit with multiple hours of maintenance at the most inconvenient time possible for Europeans, third week in a row :(


If you’re thinking of doing the 2nd hunter just as a form of power-leveling, I don’t think you’ll get the powerful gear milestones for it. They’re limited to once per week per class, not per character.


Yeah I read up on the Rat Kind quest and it looks annoying. Hopefully some of you other jokers on Xbox will get that quest and we can help each other through it.


I think I’ve gotten two Exotic (“yellow”) Engram drops so far—definitely not common, but at least one of them was just from a regular strike, not a Nightfall (which has higher chances of dropping one).

Other than the specific requirement for the Rat King quest, does anyone know what the Nightfall challenges get you? I’ve never accomplished any of them.


I did it twice this week and got Hard Light both times (exotic autorifle). Your results may vary.


I’ve had Exotics drop from Public Events a few times as well


Yeah, I got at least one exotic drop from a public event.