Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0


Wow, I had a Purple (Legendary) engram drop during a Public Event once, and I was feeling all smug. I was thinking Jason McMaster can’t top this, I bet.


Well I’ve got to actually get the Rat King quest but I know where it is so no huge deal. I’m definitely going to want to do this at some point.


Still waiting on the challenging stuff in this game. The whole single player campaign was a breeze. After finishing the story, I did a purple missions on Nissan (sp?) and a couple of sidequests there was well. All of it was basically a breeze. Nothing like the hard missions in Destiny 1 so far. The other thing I tried was the Nightfall Strike by myself, and that was too hard. So that’s nothing like the hard missions in Destiny 1 either.


That’s a bummer. Guess I could still do it though, just for th eother quests, then delete it.

The /hard/ stuff in D2 is to find a pickup group that is capable enough to do a Nightfall / Hardmode Nightfall / Raid.

Got 12 tokens for guided instances earlier, seems like there was a 20-30min queue for Nightfall, not sure the guided raid thing has opened yet. They’ll probably have to give Groups a incentive-reward to queue as a guided group so they’ll pick randoms. Don’t see why they couldn’t make a LFG system for Raid/NF already, just put the light level +15 from the minimum or something.

Ohyea, 900MB patch today on PS4.


And that’s fine. The coop stuff is the coop stuff. Destiny 1 had that too. I was just saying upthread that single player campaign Destiny 1 had excellent challenging single player missions on “Hard” difficulty at launch. But Destiny 2 doesn’t have them yet.


Are the “Meditations” for the Warlock lady in the tower hard mode of just regular story? Maybe that’s your answer.

My experience so far is that the “challenge” of the raid and nightfall really is more about communication for complex simultaneous execution of things rather than straight enemy difficulty. I like that more, but I’m not sure it pans out for solo stuff.


Yes, I believe that the meditations and strikes allow you to choose a difficulty level.


If there’s a way to chose difficulty in the meditations or regular strike playlist I haven’t seen it. And if there’s any increase in difficulty in meditations as presented, I haven’t noticed it. I blow through the meditations just as easily as I did the first time through the campaign.


Once I finish updating I’ll check, but I believe it’s somewhere in the bottom right of the screen.


From the changelog:

Call to arms

Reduced the amount needed to complete the milestone to align it with other weekly milestones

I like that change. I got the Call to Arms in 5 matches despite being on average the 3rd best player in the team. That’s an acceptable amount of Crucible per week.


I’m glad to hear that, I’ve resisted that quest because I’m not wild about Crucible. I like it better than D1, though.


Crucible is tolerable right now because a lot of people are trying it out and it’s not completely dominated by tryhards. Just stick with your team and don’t sprint around corners and you’ll do ok.


Yeah, I was shocked to play a couple of Crucible rounds early on and ended up with a k/d ratio above 1. That never happened in the first game. But I’m sure by now lots of people have the arenas memorized and all the best ambush points sussed out.


I’m shocked at how effective the titan barrier is right now. Other players don’t even know what it is half the time I drop it, they just shoot at it thinking it will go down like Reinhardt’s shield or something.


Awwww man. Call to Arms goal resets every week? That sucks. I’d been doing Crucible matches all week, doing one or two every day. Yesterday I had it built up to 54% of the goal. So if it’s a weekly thing, that means all that will be reset to zero today. Pfffft. Stupid Call to Arms.

I guess that means I should play more than one or two Crucible matches every day if I want that achievement.


Wait til you get the Rat King quest, you have to play some crucible as part of it. Can knock out two birds with one, you know, whatever.


Rat King quest is something you get following one of those blue quests that show up after the game ends?


Yeah, think it’s on Titan. I was doing those last night until I fell asleep. I really shouldn’t drink and play games.


I think each planet’s blue quests lead to an exotic. On Earth you get MIDA Multitool, on Titan you get Rat King. I haven’t started the other planets yet so I’m not sure about them, but I’m sure you can google it.

For Rat King, you don’t have to win the Crucible Matches, just complete 2 of them. The hard part of that quest is speed-running the Nightfall. I still haven’t been able to complete that step.


They halved the requirements in yesterday’s changes, so you should have just squeaked by.

The other thing is that you’ll get more progress on that track for games where you get lots of kills / other forms of scoring. I think if multiple people are shooting at the same target when they die, all of them get credit for the kill. So staying with the team and concentrating fire is not only a good tactic, it’s also the most effective way of reducing the number of Crucible games you need to play for this milestone.