Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0


I can agree with this. I’ve yet to find any exotic which is that great in PvP.

Risk runner is awesome in summer pve, but totally useless in most pvp


I tend to agree on exotics. I’m often running around without an exotic weapon and my exotic armor is pretty ho-hum too.

A far cry from Destiny 1 where I was wishing I could equip more exotics.

None of that has affected our ability to complete raids or nightfall’s, but it is a bit anticlimactic.


Did anyone here know that there’s LFG functionality built into the Destiny companion app? I certainly didn’t before today. My friend and I just beat the Nightfall with a rando we picked up there. It was actually our second try- the first random we picked up left halfway through the mission as we were doing badly. The second was super slick- we ended with 3-4 minutes to spare. All I got for it was another Hard Light (third copy, woot), albeit at Power 292, bringing me to 285.

I’m liking all the faction stuff happening this week. They’re hard but fun, and I like the looks of the Dead Orbit leggings on my Hunter.


Destiny Companion App? So it’s something you download on your phone or something?

Why isn’t it in the main game itself?


Yup. Download to your phone. My friend brought it up- I had no idea. I installed it to my Nexus 7 a few minutes ago. Down at the bottom, there’s an icon for ‘Find Fireteam’, with a bunch of settings for activities and platform.

As for why they don’t just put it in the game? I have no damn idea. Worst thing about D1/2 is that Bungie has a very particular way they want the game to be played, and really work against any attempt to do anything else.


I got my ratty last night, let me know if you need a hand, quest is easy up till the nightfall


Yeah, I got the quest so I’m queued up if anyone wants to run it, but I’m not in any particular hurry. Doing the Drang questline right now, though since that’s mainly opening engrams, it’s pretty much a crap shoot.


I can get you through all of the preliminary stuff, my buddy just got the same quest. Will look for you in game.


I’ll be damned. That’s what the “recruitment” tab is for! I never clicked on it because I thought it was some clan creation feature.


I was going to post this in the Game of the Month thread, but it kept getting longer, so I’ll post it here.

Destiny 2 is about the only game I played in September. So I suppose it should win by default. I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first game though. It was like playing Halo on Normal difficulty: it’s still kind of fun, but an order of magnitude less than if you played on Heroic or Legendary, where the gameplay changes dramatically. OTOH, when I played last week’s Nightfall with @Don_Quixote, that was the first time I had a ton of fun with the game.

I suppose, like most modern shooters, Destiny is 3 games in one.

  1. Single Player FPS campaign: Better story than Destiny, but no challenging gameplay. 2/5
  2. PvP: About the same as Destiny, but this time the novelty is gone. 2/5
  3. Coop PvE; This one the jury is still out. In Destiny 1, the Raid was about the most fun I’ve ever had. The Nightfall is a great start though. This has potential to be great.

Unfortunately, Destiny also have a fourth side:

  1. MMO open world filler: This part, I don’t know what to think. Sometimes this can be pretty cool in both games, with exciting public events and hidden areas, but most of the time, it’s just going through the motions and collecting things, and killing things with no challenge whatsoever, and doing mundane tasks. In Destiny 1, I didn’t mind this repetitious collecting and mundane missions, because they were punctuated filler in between the excellent and challenging single player missions. But now that the challenging single player missions are gone, the filler is soooooooo obviously filler and I feel like this game is completely wasting my time with this stuff.

The only thing that keeps me moving forward is that my friends have bought the game, so I’m hoping I get to try Nightfalls and Raids with them in the future.


The open world event stuff is more fun when you’re pushing another objective, like one of the exotic quests or an adventure.
Last night we were catching a buddy up on the Rat King questline and we kept getting sidetracked by public events and supply drops. We had a public event, a supply drop, and an elite Taken all spawn in the same area at the same time. It was like all out warfare, Guardians vs Cabal vs Taken vs Fallen. Absolutely insane.


Your number four is one of my favorite things about Destiny 2. It took me a while to figure it out, but some of these worlds are big. I was running around doing public events and looting chests on Nessus and it’s got large areas far off the beaten path (like, not on the map) that you can wander through. I love that, it’s clearly designed but feels like something nobody else has found. I felt that way about the Taken ship in the first game - seemed like there were lots of places that other players just don’t go. They stick to missions and that’s it. Makes me feel like a pioneer.


I agree with both of you that the exploration and dynamic fights can have some amazing moments. But in my experience it’s really rare, like I said above. Most of the time is filled with travelling from place to place, killing some things, or searching for a secret area, or killing things to collect things they drop, or some such thing. They’ve done a good job in increasing the odds of something cool happening, but most of your time will still be filled with mundane activities.


Tonight I ran the nightfall with both of my guardians and then between the two of them collected about 600 faction tokens—maxing out rewards with New Monarchy with one and Dead Orbit for the other.

That was some grinding. FWC better not win the rally.


We of FWC do not hold your opinion in the highest regards, sir.


It’s just about the shaders, man. New Monarchy looks regal and resplendent on some glittery Warlock robes, and very Iron Man on bulky squarish Titan armor. Dead Orbit’s black, white, and gray look isn’t flashy, but it’s very versatile—it doesn’t clash with any armor style, and you can mix and match it well. Some of the more garish shaders you find that you’d never want plastered across your guardian head to toe could look impressive with a single colorful piece contrasted with DO shaders for the rest.

I really liked the look of FWC shaders on some Hunter armor, but I haven’t started on my Hunter yet, so that was the lowest priority. If it’s as easy to grind faction tokens the next time the rally rolls around, I’m sure I’ll pledge to all three.


I finally got Rat King last night. Let me tell you my secret now that this Nightfall is out of rotation.

Instead of running Void titan with Crest of Alpha Lupi, I went Fire titan with Hallowfire Heart. Once my super charged, I was able to spam thermite grenades (the ones that create AoE fire) non stop. I could throw grenades faster than I could even reload my gun. The AoE grenades made all the difference. Mopped up the adds on the boss, cleared the hack stations, busted through the taken knights and captains, pretty much trivialized all the challenging fights.


The arc titan with the thing that gives them 2 grenades, when using the pulse grenades, was a murder machine on that nightfall.


HHaha, yeah, I almost signed on with Dead Orbit, but just too much of a Glenn Danzig vibe