Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0


Hey sweet! I’m glad I chose Dead Orbit now. Will the Dead Orbit faction guy give me a reward, or do I have meet some kind of threshold of contribution towards Dead Orbit winning to earn the reward?


You need to buy it.
It’s 1000 glimmer for you, more for folks who were other factions.


Eh, a thousand, that’s nothin’. Is it awesome?


From the stats on it, it seemed pretty sub-par, actually… I may have missed something though.
Someone who can buy it can explain what’s good about it.


I’ll probably buy it. A thousand is chump change for a high rolling guardian like me.


Yeah, reddit seems to think it was the worst of the three faction guns, and they’re mad people just chose DO for the shaders.

I am okay with it. I’ve got too many guns anyway.


I chose Dead Orbit because the gun they had listed was a level 19 gun. The other two factions had lower level guns showing for me with much worse stats. I don’t know what gun was about, there was no real explanation.


I chose Dead Orbit because I figured my exo hunter would have no real attachment to earth and would be ok with blasting off out of here to start over. That’s right, I thought it out, so what?


How did you know this about Dead Orbit? It’s a faction not attached to Earth? Was there bits of dialog I missed or something?


You had to do that walkabout where the factions explained what they were all about, before you chose one right? Also they were in the first game so, you know.


Huh? What’s a “level 19” gun? Whatever power level it is on purchase (I assure you it’s not 19), you could infuse any of these weapons up to something useful.


The screens they are showing in that linked article, to get to them you had to press Y for Details to get to that screen. Before you hit Y for details, the previous screen shows that scout rifle with it’s stats and shows it as a level 19 gun. The sidearm and pulse rifle from the other factions were showing to me as level 18 or below I think.

And I was already well past level 20, I assure you, so I thought it was weird that the factions would give out these low level guns as rewards. But I do remember the scout rifle being the highest level gun being offered.

Edit: It’s what shows up when you hover your “cursor” over the gun, as opposed to what shows up in the next detail screen.


This week’s Nightfall is fun. Savathun’s Song is the best strike to start with, and the momentum modifier gives the game a very different feel. Health doesn’t regen normally, you need to sprint for something like 20 meters before it triggers. So standing still (even in cover) is a good way to die, unless you have a healing rift active. At other times you must always figure out where you’re going to be sprinting if you start to get hit.

Did a run with each character; first finished with 45 seconds, second with 2 minutes, third with 6.5 minutes. So might be another good week for the Rat King, but not on the first time due to needing to find the anomalies.


Here we go, I can show you what I was talking about:

All of last week, that showing to me as “Requires Level 19”, and the power level on it was much lower than the weapons I already had. However, the other weapons from the other factions were showing Requires level 18 and level 17, and the power level was even lower. Now, when I logged in today, I see what’s in that screenshot, and it’s the highest damage scout rifle I’ve ever found, so I’m really glad I picked Dead Orbit for this Scout Rifle anyway.


I am surprised DO won. I guest the average Destiny player care mostly about gray and dark shaders, more than weapons. I don’t like the DO scout rifle, feel powerless and seems to have any good perk, but I have not tried it in pvp.


I bought the scout because, wtf… I constantly have maxed out glimmer.

But it’s a garbage gun based on everything I can see about it. Unless it has some kind of hidden ability that isn’t apparent, it’s objectively worse than a bunch of other scout rifles.


Yeah, but usually isn’t the latest gun you get going to always have the highest Attack number and give you a higher power level? So if I’m understanding the above discussion correctly, the higher your power level gets, the higher number for the equipment that drops or that you get from rewards like this. So therefore, if someone gets this scout rifle, it will most likely be the highest attack number/power level scout rifle that will people will have that moment until they find their next higher one later, right? So any reward like this will likely be the best at that moment in time.


The power level of a weapon is largely meanginless for all intents and purposes… In some cases, you can have issues if its much lower than stuff you’re fighitng, but normally it doesn’t matter.

What matters is the actual stats on the gun. Things like RPM, magazine size, stability, impact, etc.

And the DO scout rifle has garbage stats.


Scathelocke is still the best non-exotic gun, IMO. Mine is 268 but my character is 282, so I don’t think it makes that much difference as long as you’re in the neighborhood.


Better Devils is an awesome handcannon.

Uriel’s gift and the virtually identical Jiangshi AR4 are beasts in crucible due to their extremely high stability.