Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0


This was actually not an issue in Destiny 1 on Hard. In the harder missions that I did over and over, there was almost no safe place that you could retreat to for cover. You might be able to get into cover long enough for your shields to come back IF you did some big attack like a grenade or a super, or were at the end of a wave of enemies. Otherwise, if you just tried to duck for cover in single player, enemies would come around the cover and kill you. There’s some very mobile enemies in the game.

Destiny 2 kind of does have this problem, potentially, because that heal move they added in Destiny 2 to the character we were playing allowed him to take cover and heal even if he’s being hit.


I covered that in my post-- segregate gamepad and m+k players in PvP.

It is obviously a cheat device, the problem is that its impact is greatly amplified in Destiny2 due to strong autoaim intended to keep gamepad users competitive in PvP.

As for caring about PvP, well, I don’t, particularly. But any substantial competitive advantage is pretty attractive. I like pwning nubs.


Allowing the player to understand where the monster closets are helps in being tactical and using those chokepoints against the enemy. I think it is better than just randomly spawning them in the environment.


Personally, I would say that I do feel the difficulty in D2 is a little on the easy side, I just don’t particularly mind. I treat the game as a game I can pop into for a half hour or so, do some stuff, grab some loot, then get on with my day. I’m not really looking for challenge. As I believe I mentioned earlier, I feel exactly the same about Diablo 3.


The problem with monster closets is they’re just that; gamey elements that break the integrity of the world. Monsters are kept contained in little rooms and the walls roll up just as you run past. It’s bullshit.

Monsters being dropped from spaceships don’t have that problem, they make sense. Reinforcements arrive via an understandable mechanism.

Modern Diablo3 is quite innovative on difficulty. You can choose your challenge, and are rewarded commensurately while farming. It also has an infinitely escalating endgame difficulty mechanism with leaderboard in greater rifts for high-end player bragging rights. Destiny2 doesn’t do any of that. You level up one way, there’s one additional difficulty level later on, and then there are raids which are harder yet. Player choice isn’t really a factor, you can’t tune the difficulty so it offers a level of challenge your gear and skill can just barely overcome-- or easily overcome, for farming, but still get worthwhile rewards.

Lots of games could learn from Diablo3.


My two objections to the Darkness doorways is that they look terrible (like reeeeeally bad) and they’re super-gamey. Enemy waves coming into the battle from dropships is perfectly fine since it fits the fiction of the world and looks good. Teleporting in is less desirable than dropships, but it looks a lot better than the stupid doorways blocked with a wavy black texture.


You get used to it, so you forget they exist. Maybe in D1 they were hidden better.


No. I really don’t. They’re terrible.

If Bungie had just made actual hallways and filled them with dark super-poisonous smoke, I wouldn’t object as strenuously. But no. They just blocked them with a wall and a stupid animated texture.


Well, it doesn’t really do anything to fix it though, aside from M+K players.
I mean, you still end up having guys who are using a M+K, plus aim assist, playing against folks using controllers.


If you were to read my post, you would see that I covered that also. And yes, you (and thus I) are correct. But at least the m+k bracket would be pure.


So…I bought this for PC. Missed Destiny 1. Besides starting the game and playing it, is there anything I need to know?


Don’t buy anything from vendors until you hit level 20. You’ll be swimming in low-level loot that you’ll swap out every hour or so.


Wholly has a primer here:

But I don’t think you need any of that, personally.

Just play. Eventually when you start getting purple scout rifles. Don’t break them down for currency. Keep them in the vault when they get obsolete. That way when you later get to a quest to recycle 5 purple scout rifles, you won’t have find five new ones.


Great. Thanks, guys. I went to look in this thread for tips and there were over 600 new posts since I last checked.


They don’t have to be purple scout rifles, they can be blue.


Oh wow. I found sooooooo many of those. If I’d only kept 5 of them!


You’ll get more, or none and only get grenade launchers or something else :) (On PS4 I got 7 Iron Banner shoes… and no chests or gloves…)

Leveling 3 guys to 284+ this week taught me a few things.

  • Save your quests for as late as possible
  • Level to 20 THEN do the story missions, THEN hit 265, THEN use your vendor capital, THEN do the weapon quests, starting on the 3rd most important character (and level them in that order).

I am wondering if it would be an idea to delete my 292 hunter and make a new one, as it could possibly get 300+ rewards then, the only question is if the Deleted Hunter is counted the same way someone who made 2 x hunters would get ‘nerfed’ rewards on the 2nd one.

Also, do your milestones as late as possible.

Alternative: Do not care and enjoy whatever while waiting for a working clan roster :)
I am wondering if the failed clan roster is due to the EU/NA bullshit split… I am playing with both US and EU players, so now I have a BNET friends list in NA and another in EU…


Heh. Yeah, ever since I got that quest, I’ve only received one Scout Rifle. Mostly I keep getting anything but that.


To the second part of this question, I don’t think it would penalize you the way having two of the same class at once does though I’m not certain.

But to the idea itself, I don’t think it’s worth the time. Just keep playing the Hunter you’ve got, keep getting the weekly milestones. That’s gotta be faster than another 10 hours just to maybe get a 300 Mida Mini-tool and Sturm. Plus those rewards are only weapons, you’ve still gotta get the armor higher through milestones and lucky drops.


My understanding is that the exact way they’ve defined it is “one copy of each powerful gear milestone per class per week”. So deleting a hunter + creating a new one would not help with power-leveling. You still need to wait until the next reset to get any progress.