Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0


Yep, that definitely sounds like Destiny.


I texted the above to my son and he said, "Welcome to destiny, leave your dignity at the door "


Did 28 ranks of dead orbit.

Think I got 15-20 duplicates.

No gloves yet.


Well hey, you’re sure to get them in those last two ranks!


When I went to meet all the faction leaders, you go talk to DO first. I was two words into the speech and I’m like, “oh HELL no. No friggin way am I joining up with a Peter Stormare death cult!” :D

Got another exotic engram today. 5 levels below me again…and another dupe. Fortunately, I have gotten all the armor pieces I wanted. How do you see your rank?


I go to to check my rank and other stats quickly. It’s under the reputation tab for each character. I don’t know if it’s viewable in game or not.


WTF is wrong with you people pledging dead orbit?


I did it because I’m 5edgy3me.




Finally took my first real run at the raid last night.

I’d briefly run through that little “capture the flag” thing at the beginning once before, but this was my first attempt at all of the actual encounters. Just a random group I found on LFG.

It went pretty well, but then we stalled out on Calus after many failed attempts. Your responsibilities are divided for much of the fight, part of your team will spend most of their time in the throne room, and part of your team will spend a lot of time in a shadow realm. As the only one in this particular group who’d never done the raid, I was in the throne room the whole time—that’s the easier role. Unfortunately through every different grouping of players we tried, the shadow team could never pull off their part consistently. I suspect there were two specific players who were screwing it up, but to the credit of our group, even as frustration set in they were all pretty polite about trying to constructively improve performance without throwing anyone under the bus. Watching a guide on YouTube this morning to see what they were dealing with, I can see how easily it would go wrong.

It just never came together though. Our last few attempts were the smoothest, and maybe if we’d started with that setup we could’ve knocked it out after a couple tries, but by that point it was getting late, patience was wearing thin, and it sounds like even if you’re doing everything right, the shadow area can feel…arbitrary.

My only real takeaway so far is that it’s fascinating just how demanding this raid is for communication. You could understand the mechanics of the gauntlet completely—I think I did by the end—but you also have to be very specific and clear about how you’re going to communicate with your team. Our group shouted out the one thing not to shoot, a video I watched this morning shouted out the two things you should shoot. Dividing up responsibility for who shoots what—do you work as two pairs, or does everyone cover their spot and one to their right—would also need to be agreed upon every time.

It’s hard to compare it to the other raids from D1, but I hope I can run it more often.


Always Dead Orbit.



Dead orbits guns always suck.


Hey I finished the raid for the first time last night! It was really good. Bungie has out done themselves.

Looking forward to the expansion in a few weeks now.


I just want Sins of the Past…


Congrats! I agree, I think the Raid was really a lot of fun in Destiny 2!

I hope the DLC adds more great stuff. :)


How do I join the qt3 clan? On PC btw, just hit 269 light on a titan.


Sign into and search for the clan there, search back a ways in this thread for more specific instructions.


Got it thanks, request submitted.


I sent in a join request too. I just started, though, so I have nothing to offer but utter Destiny ignorance. I’m Cramdown over there, btw.


Anyone able to invite? Still pending as of last night.