Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0


@tomchick @Telefrog @Vesper or one of those other clan admins with a Bungie account I can’t correlate to a Qt3 account can.


You should be good now. I approved pending people this morning.


At work so can’t check yet, preemptive thanks much.


The nvidia drivers released today reportedly offer a 35% performance increase in Destiny2 on Pascal-- and it was already a really great performing game. Pretty cool.


I didn’t notice any difference except I felt a bit queasy while playing, which had never happened. No explanation


Sad trombone.


Well, well, well. It was true.


Way to go, Bungie…


So they reward you less the longer you play, there’s no meaningful progression because the their scaling makes the game feel the exact same at 280 power as it did at 200, and they restrict you on the number of exotic equipments, even though none of them are particularly powerful or flashy.

Its like they took out all of the reasons to actually, you know, play their game.


I applied, the battletag is TANSTAAFL some number or what not.


Holy cats, the news isn’t that a system was broken and your attribution to incompetence or malice could be equally viable—that’s the scenario almost constantly in Destiny. The news is that they finally clearly acknowledged and fixed one such instance.

What next, they come forth with an explanation about chest cool-downs?


I don’t think it’s a big problem, a system that reduces xp if you gain it a lot in a short time is equivalent to a system where XP needed to level up is three times more than right now, but you gain extra xp bonus if you didn’t gain xp in a while.
Their failing is all psychology, a system that ‘steals’ xp from the player is going to be seen as negative, instead of a system that gives extra xp, even if mathematically is the same.


tl;dr, balancing these beasts is crazy hard.


I’m ok with the power scaling, since it means that in most cases people can play together without having to have their power levels be close


The system was overzealot about limitations. It appears that doing 1 single public event was triggering a 50% slowdown. Welp. It as also … interesting… sides to this. They where selling “XP potions” (squad medallions) for real world money. What is the Ethics of selling potions to gain XP when you know XP is thrown down to never be very fast?
And what about the Clarion Event ( double xp weekend ).

Also everything point to Curse of Osiris to be a really small DLC that still cost more than entire games.


I’m not defending the system, but those medallions are easily obtained without spending money. I’d be perfectly happy with them getting rid of this nonsense and simply capping the number of free bright engrams earned per week.


… by earning XP, bringing us back full circle.


Really there’s nothing in eververse worth chasing. I don’t care about this.

That’s a problem with Destiny 2 in general. Nothing worth chasing.


I got it on sale and I’m enjoying it. Only level 7 though. I figured I’d get my money’s worth at this lower price, but not at the full price. So far, so good. I doubt it will become my drug of choice for the long haul, but as long as it’s at least as fun as something like Defiance, can’t be all bad.


I did the same thing. I felt like I got about $30 worth of value out of Destiny 1, so I jumped at 2 for $27. I’m at level 10 and enjoying it so far.

Oh, and I sent a request to join the clan. jjohnsen00