Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0


Yeah…I’d put about $30 as being totally worth it for Destiny 2…sadly I payed a fair bit more than that.


Made it to 10, on Titan. I really do like the combat, it’s meaty and feels good. The jumping puzzles…eh. Not a fan of “time this space bar push just right or die” style of gaming. But I’ll survive.


Are you playing a warlock? For reasons I don’t understand, warlocks completely suck at jumping. That stuff is way easier on Titan or Hunter.


Ugh, yeah I just had an hour on the planet after Titan, dying over and over to this mission based on jumping… so you have that to look forward to. ;)

I had to swap my jump skill to make it easier. But it still sucked. Game is decent otherwise though.


Erm, yeah…oops. But “Warlock” seemed cool, so…


Warlock jump is kinda complex, many people don’t like it even after years playing the game.


I only played a Warlock in Destiny 1 and 2. I don’t have problems with that big floaty jump. I like it.

I tried playing a Hunter once, briefly. That jump where you teleport upwards, now THAT was a hard jump to use.


The key to the Warlock jump is that the timing is the opposite of what you expect from a double jump in any any other game. Your muscle memory is probably to jump, and then once you’ve reached the top of the trajectory jump again. The Warlocks work the opposite: double-tap the jump really quickly. Then tap one more time to exit the glide.

Unfortunately they never explain this anywhere in Destiny 2, and you can just muddle through Earth without learning to jump. It’s only Titan where missing a jump will be instant death.


Yeah, the Warlock jump isn’t a double jump, its more of a jump booster pack that you fire off as soon as you jump. I like it, but I’ve played a Warlock for a couple thousand hours at this point so I’m pretty used to it.


Thanks for the tip. Will definitely give it a try.


As a PC player I keep having an existential question of if I’ll buy the expansion.

On the one hand I just paid $48 (GCU discount) barely more than a month ago. While I got a lot of time out of it the soft cap has completely made the game unfun and I only get on once a week when some of my real life friends get on too (cause that’s the only time I can get gear upgrades).

Everything I see about the Osiris area is very bare bones and seems like I’ll probably exhaust the new content, hit the new soft cap and be in the same boat after a week or so.


Just wish they would add normal matchmaking for nightfall and lower difficulty raids.

I hate having to go to an outside site to find people to go with.


I’ve not tried it, but they do have that Sherpa thing for matchmaking. Why not just use that?


My main problem has been doing it too quick. Sometimes I double tap and it just registers as a normal jump, and I plummet to my death.


The hunter’s triple jump is one reason I prefer playing that class.


I switched to the teleport modification on the Voidwalker sub class, and jumping is easier for me. Thanks for the info on how the regular glide/jump works, though. That’s useful stuff.

I do like how I’m tooling around trying to do some quest thing and all around me there’s a public event going on, with high-level nasties that I can chip in on and get some loot. I’m not playing with a mind to get anywhere in particular, or do anything in particular, just enjoying the gunplay (which is very good). This is a very polished experience on the PC, overall.


Made it to 20, but still have story missions to do. Some of the stuff is a bit fuzzy for me still–like how to upgrade or modify or infuse stuff? Seems you need shards or something? Is there any place that actually explains all of this stuff?


Dismantle legendaries or exotics to get the shards. You can use an exotic, legendary, or rare as infusion material to increase the power of a legendary or exotic. The cost in shards is based on the material you are dismantling to boost something else: 4 for a rare, 1 for a legendary.


Dismantle legendaries and exotics you don’t want and you’ll get a few legendary marks. These can be used to buy gear from Xûr, or to infuse gear.

Infusing gear brings an item you want to keep up to the higher power level of an item you’re willing to sacrifice in the process.

You can use infusions to upgrade legendary and exotic equipment. You can use legendaries, exotics, or rares as the “fuel” for the infusion. The rarity of the item you’re sacrificing affects the additional cost of legendary marks. It also costs some glimmer, I forget how much.

So for example, if you’ve got a legendary helmet at 245, and you find another at 252, but you prefer the stats (or maybe just style) of the old one, you bring up the details on the 245, move over the little “Infuse” icon beneath it and it will show the viable options to infuse into that, including the 252 you don’t want. So for a few marks and some glimmer, the 252 is destroyed and the 245 is now raised to 252.

Caveat! All legendary mods add +5 to the power level of the armor or weapon. All infusions are based on the power level without factoring in any applied mods. Further, all exotics you find or buy anywhere already have a legendary mod applied.

So in the scenario above, if you wanted to infuse something into your 245 helmet and you had an exotic helmet you didn’t want (maybe a duplicate) that was reporting as 251, its base level is only 246, so you’re ultimately only getting a +1 to your helmet out of the transaction. Some legendary gear you’ll find could also randomly have a legendary mod already applied, so you have to check for that or you might get caught off guard by an infusion not giving you quite the bonus you expected.

Edit: what @Misguided said.


Some mod info in an earlier post:

I can’t remember if I went into more detail somewhere in this thread, and search isn’t helping me at the moment.