Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0


Still playing nightly on pc if any needs a body. Hoping to crack 290 with this week with titan and hunter. Baby lock in progress.

Hope to try the raid sometime after 295.


Would he mind if I appropriated the expression? It’s cool as (regular) shit.


Somebody please render a enormeous chest, and inside this chest 2 tokens.


I think he’d be fine with that. He’s no longer with us, but I doubt the phrase was original to him!


At least somebody wont be getting a xmas present from bugnie.


IGN India? How many IGNs are there?


You know I was just gonna post that. Who knew there even was an IGN india? And more importantly, why is there an IGN india? They all speak english.

Of course there are a lot of Indians, four times as many as the USA alone, so maybe the thought is a site specifically tailored towards them would have higher uptake or something.


Yeah this is probably true. Besides, a lot of countries just want to have their own sub-cultures like gaming, and not feel totally dependent on some mega-global-US-dominated experience.


I’m actually surprised by the author’s colloquial American diction. I work in IT so I talk to Indians all the time and they have a very distinct written voice. That guy could be a parangi in Topeka.


Not a single “do the needful” to be found, it’s true.

Edit: hey wouldn’t it be funny if IGN India outsourced their writing to contractors in Wisconsin or something?


Well, it would be an example of true globalization I suppose.

I still may pick up the expansion, depending on what other impressions report.


Lots of changes announced, some of which we knew about before today. Looks like it should all be here by the end of the year.

Of note is the new “Masterwork” rarity, which is somewhere between legendary and exotic. Looks like their goal is to put more interesting perks on those and give people something to grind for in the endgame. Also adding things to buy with shards, etc.


Definitely not all by end of year, they simply spent the most time on stuff that was due on 12/5 or 12/12. I’m happy about the engram Xur will be selling starting on the 12th that guarantees an undiscovered exotic.


I guess that’s cool if you don’t already have almost all the exotics. 😁


Yeah, I still have some that have eluded me. You will be mine, Sweet Business, do you hear me?


Well, I will reinstall the game for the Heroic Strikes.


Is that something available to everyone or just to people who buy the expansion?


Well, I really hope it’s the former.


I"m guessing they will have the light level / power requirements be Osiris based.


It would also fit the pattern of what they did in Destiny 1. The top tier Strikes could only be done by people who owned the latest expansions a few weeks after they came out. Before that everyone could do them.