Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0


Oh ok, it’s a physical object you can buy in the real world.

I was so confused, but I thought they were talking about the in-game Ghost.


Read something about that a couple of days ago. They kept talking about it being a “skill” and I had no idea what the heck they were talking about


Xur selling Sweet Business this week (mini gun). Buy 3!


I know! Can’t wait for maintenance to end!


I’m not a huge fan of Sweet Business. Mainly don’t care for the spin-up time on the gun.


Hoping I don’t hate it, since I don’t particularly like any of the exotics I’ve tried


Wouldn’t say I hate it, just seems a bit more pray’n’spray than I really enjoy. But I’m more of a scout rifle guy anyway.


Scout rifle? Ewww


Well all righty then! Sweet Business might be just perfect for you.


Lol, I do love auto rifles (and wearing actium war rig on my Titan)


I’ve had a chance to try it now. I’m not sure I love it, but it’s easily my favorite exotic so far. Not sure where you got “spray and pray” from, though, because when aiming down sights, it has to be one of the most accurate weapons I’ve used. From the hip, it’s all over the place (not necessarily because of accuracy, but because of instability).


I only use sights with scout and sniper rifles. Seems kind of superfluous for everything else.


Really? Wow. I aim down sights constantly. But then, I like to fight at range when I can.


I’ve been playing this on the free weekend on PS4 and I’m on the fence. That’s a significant improvement over where I thought I’d be. I’m not a fan of FPS games, but going through the beginning has intrigued me.

That fight at the end of the Blackened Forest was a bitch though.


You might have missed how that battle works (at least I misunderstood it the first time). Stepping into one of the patches of light instantly recharges your super, so you can just spam it every few seconds. That’s the whole point of the fight: let you use the super enough to get comfortable with using it. That fight should not feel challenging at all, unless you’re trying to save up the super for later.


Yep. I didn’t get this the first time through.


Don’t think I did either, until I went to do my first subclass mission.


I’ve only done a couple 4v4 PvP matches for the quest thingy, and the rest solo, but I really think Bungie nailed the FPS aspects nearly perfectly. My only qualms are really some of the jumping, not just the Warlock’s weirdness but the stickyness of some of the slopes and inclines and the way you bounce off of things like you’re made of flubber sometimes. Other than that, though, the aiming, the feedback, the feel, the sound, everything is primo. Also, they really got the difficulty right I think. The boss-type fights in the campaign and other solo type stuff are just hard enough to be satisfying, and challenging, and not so hard that you get too frustrated. The minute to minute experience is good enough that I don’t really care much about the weaknesses of the overall progression system–yet.

I have my Warlock to 260 or so, and working on the other two classes to see how they play. So far I think I like the Warlock and the Titan more than the Hunter, but I haven’t unlocked a second class even on the latter.

Oh, and Nessus is my favorite place I think. Love the aesthetic there, and it has such a vibe of Star Wars Jedi temple stuff, mixed with Tomb Raider and what not. Though I have to say Titan is way cool, despite the jumping; the waves are pretty awesome.

Definitely got my $$$ worth out of this already, especially as I got it on sale.


Agreed on everything except the difficulty. Bungie really gets the moment to moment feel of a first person shooter. I just love their gameplay feel. I prefer my difficulty higher though, and funny enough it was actually Bungie that trained me to prefer the higher difficulty from Halo 1 onwards.


Heh, you are far better than I am I’m sure at these things. I find the fights about right; if they were harder I’d probably get frustrated. As it is, running around waiting for recharging abilities and stuff.