Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0


It does seem that like many games this one is really a service, and the paradigms that define it have been constructed in that light. That is, to Bungie/Activision, there is no “base game,” only a mutable experience you sign on for. So, when they adjust the requirements or gateways for certain content, or the content itself, it’s simply part of that ever-shifting service.

The sin is, as noted, in not being crystal-clear that that is what they are doing, and seemingly being ok with letting people think it’s one thing when it is in fact entirely another.


Bingo, that’s put much better than I managed.


Anyways, I’m more miffed at them advertising a pretty small content drop DLC as an “Expansion”.


Yeah, it’s not exactly supersized,is it? I guess it’s in line though with a lot of contemporary DLC these days.

I haven’t finished the story stuff yet because, well, it gets kind of repetitive and boring. Some back and forth between new locations (which all look pretty much the same, and pretty much are reskinned Nessus assets), some terribad writing (though the voice work as usual is fine), and some bog-standard “kill the boss to open the gate” structure is pretty much it.


Yep. And you wouldn’t be saying this if the game was more challenging. All those things you just said would still be true, but you’d be more focused on the core gameplay if you were having a tougher time and focusing on taking cover at the right time, using the super at the right time, using grenades properly, etc. But because the difficulty doesn’t require you to do any of that, those other flaws show through easier.


That’s an interesting point, and one I had not considered. I have to say, though, that I do find it pretty challenging. I’m doing what you say–taking cover, waiting on recharges, etc., and finding the challenge level just about right. For me, if it was much harder I’d just be getting frustrated more, not challenged more, but then again, I’m not that good at it. And I do enjoy the minute to minute action, a lot. But yeah, i have to agree that the flaws show up more prominently when there is more head space to ponder them.

I’m not sure how you actually balance difficulty in a game like this that isn’t purely single player, though.


Keep in mind that there is some stuff that opens up after the campaign. There is a series of adventures, and after those are done you get access to once/week quests for special legendary weapons that can’t be obtained any other way.

I’ve had fun on Mercury, but the area is awfully small, and every trip into the infinite forest for the campaign felt rather samey. I also don’t like the door mechanic because it makes the maps feel rather chopped up. I kind of wish the whole thing had been done as a series of floating islands connected by vex cannons like in the final campaign mission, but a bit larger. That was actually pretty cool.

Got Sins of the Past yesterday, which I am looking forward to putting through its paces.

In other news, Crimson is really, really good.


So I finally took the bull by the horns and ran my first Nightfall strike. I checked out the guided option, ponied up my token and in about 15 minutes, joined a group to make the run. And we made it to the end but ran out of time on the final boss. At least partly my fault, because I’ve never done the Inverted Spire strike before so nightfall was a heck of an introduction. But also because I wasn’t really used to how things are done in nightfall strikes, just running like hell past any enemy that the game doesn’t require you to kill. So I tried a second time, got another group, and it went so much more smoothly. The boss was difficult, but we did it. And uh, I don’t know, the whole thing was kind of underwhelming. Neither group utilized chat, so we were just doing our own thing and hoping for a good outcome, pretty much. I don’t know if I really want to try that again, though I would if friends wanted to make a run. That would probably be more fun.


Looks absolutely stunning in 4k/HDR on the xbox One X now.


I’ve only done one regular strike, and it was just like that, though; no one said a word, I had zero clue what to do beyond general raid & dungeon experience in a million MMOs, and we did it fine but it was pretty unsatisfying. Much less fun really than just roaming around the gameworld shooting stuff.


In my experience, for regular strikes it’s normal that nobody uses mics, nobody really communicates. Stakes are lower, I guess. But for nightfall, it says comms are required, so I figured it wouldn’t even let me in unless I hooked up my mic, so I did. But I guess I was the only one who did so.


It was the same in WoW with dungeon finder teams, no matter what the activity or the difficulty. I’d always end up being the guy who had never done X before struggling to catch up to a group of people, none of whom knew each other, but who all had done this thing a million times.


We needed one person for doing the Leviathan one day so we decided to do a guided game to get that one spot. The person who came on wouldn’t even say anything in text chat, let alone voice chat. So that ended abruptly.


I have to admit they have added some of the “fun” back with this latest expansion. My friend and I were cackling like fiends as we blasted through PvE with our Promethian Lens’s. Sure it’s OP and kinda silly, but it’s fun to have that kinda broken stuff in the game, especially at max level. Looking forward to heading back into the nightfall to try out this new kit against things that can actually fight back. :)

I’ve felt strongly that the loot was just too homogeneous in Destiny 2 and so far I’d say the new expansion seems to be addressing this. I’m pretty happy to endlessly grind away, but there needs to be some pretty cool carrots on those sticks and a perfectly balanced game is just so dull.


I like many things in the DLC, I don’t like the DLC but I like things in it.

The new raid-no-raid is amazing. I like the heroic adventures because the modifiers. For whatever reason the heroic strikes don’t have modifiers (what?). I got a few of the new exotic weapons and are good legendaries (see what I did here?). More destiny is always good.


I was under the impression it is only broken in pvp, not pve. So if you are enjoying it, keep on doing so.


Awwww, you’re going to make me reinstall now, just so that I can get that gun from Xur this week.

I hope I have enough Legendary shards.


Finally beat the Leviathan raid. Used guided games since my clan did it Tuesday and tonight. Worked out great after a 40 minute queue. 5 gear upgrades including a 330 sniper. Would have preferred the rockets but still made me smile.


Oh wow, did not occur to me to try guided game for a raid, did anyone use their headsets? That would probably be the only way I actually try out the raid this time around, how long did it take to complete?


Heh. I got a 330 sniper yesterday from the raid. Oh, and Sins of the Past is amazing.