Destiny 2 is almost free to play


You can grab a free copy of Destiny 2 on PC right now. No strings attached. It’s the regular base game of Destiny 2 that people paid full price to experience at launch last year. You just need to go through your account and claim your copy before November 18th. It’s yours to keep as long as you add it to your account by then.

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Thanks for the tip. Low chance I will be hooked by this but nice to be able to try it for free.


Is this a shooter?




With all the new players it really shows how broken the matchmaking/balacing in Crucible is,

My team in a match consisted of two level 50s and 4 level 3s. the enemy team was a group of 6 level 50s and we got destroyed.

If anything they should’ve “eased” the lowbies into Crucible by having lowlevels in a separate tier to avoid that kind of shit.