Destroy All Humans! to be a Fox primetime show

So says the Hollywood Reporter.

Fox Broadcasting Co. has acquired the rights to turn THQ’s best-selling sci-fi video game “Destroy All Humans!” into a computer-animated comedy. It marks the first time a video game will be used as the basis for a primetime network television program.

I guess that Saturday morning Pole Position cartoon doesn’t count.

Never got to liking the main character in that one. Jack Nicholson ripoffs are a dime a dozen.

And on another note, when does the “Fox, please don’t cancel this show” petition start?

Pole Position? Yeah, if you want saturday morning you also have to include Mario, Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Qbert if you want obscurity, etc.

What about Pokemon? I think that’s your BIG game to cartoon leap there, in terms of popularity and longevity.

I thought Destroy All Humans tanked. So a game doesn’t even have to be successful, much less particularly good, to be made into a TV show or movie?


Hey, the Hollywood Reporter called it “best selling.” It must be so.


Well, Fox.

I wonder if they’ll keep “Zim” as the voice for the alien leader?

Not unless you consider Saturday morning “prime time.”

Hey, when I was 10 it was!

Well considering the cycle of rehashing old TV shows it’s about time for an “Alf” remake. The Destroy all Humans license is only to give it that Fox “edgeiness”.

Willie! I’m back on TV!


Well, the game had a nice premise which is why we were all looking forward to it. The fact that they screwed it up with a sub-standard game only makes us want to throw animate objects at inanimate ones.

Hey Fox, how about you resurrect a good show like Firefly instead?

Destroy all Humans has sold 465K units and grossed $22 million in North America since its release. So sayeth NPD.

Here endeth the lesson.

To put this in perspective, THQ issued the following press releases:

THQ announced that continued robust sales of new original titles Destroy All Humans! and Juiced drove THQ’s #2 independent publisher position for the month of July and the first seven months of 2005. The company’s market share advanced to 7.3% for the first half of 2005, up from 6.2% in the prior-year-period, according to NPD.

THQ is celebrating the overwhelming success of it’s original property Destroy All Humans! as it teleports up the charts. Crypto, the most feared alien in the universe, has led THQ to new sales heights and has delivered above and beyond projected sales figures. Released on June 21st for the Sony PlayStation 2 and the Microsoft Xbox, Destroy All Humans! has achieved a Top 5 Sales Ranking on each respective platform for the month of June after only a few weeks of sales.

And this is why PC developers are becoming console developers.

MTV was on tonight and some show was on that took videogames and used them for music videos. Some song was set to footage of Destroy All Humans.

Holy crap. When are they going to start airing Anime Music Videos?

Holy crap. When are they going to start airing Anime Music Videos?[/quote]
I hope you mean the hilarious kind, like Pokemon for MSI, and not the stupid kind, like Dragon Ball Z crap meant to be serious.

I don’t know that it was substandard, but it didn’t live up to its potential. It’s the sort of game I played all the way through and then sold it because there wasn’t anything else to do with the game world. Kind of like a lesser version of the Ultimate Hulk game (which had more and better mini-games, but when you were done, you were done).