Desync cyberpunches you in the cybergut and makes you come back for more

If you’re interested in big-budget score-based shootering, Epic re-released Bulletstorm this year. Remember Bulletstorm, which was like The Club, but with marketing? The re-release even has a new set of challenges to flex the gameplay a little. Knock yourself out. But if you’d rather emphasize “score-based” over “big budget” and “marketing”, Desync is your better bet.

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tell me there isn’t a multiplayer fps called Desync

There is a thing called “desync” that people actually want to play?

Theres a game called War§ow

Does it mean anything in some other language?

In english it mean war show. Is also a Polish city. City 17. I am making this up. No idea.

Desync looks very interesting. Is seems packed with mechanics to make the trick score attack full of flavour. Seems.