Detective games

Lk that does look good!

Wow that looks incredible. Even keeping my expectations in check, I’ll absolutely purchase it day-one in support.

Something about the combination of “stealth” with “detective game” sets off my spidey sense. If you guys try it and tell me it’s awesome I’ll try it, but I’m a little hesitant about this one.

I’m keen, for two reasons.

  1. I one starting making a fully procedurally generated detective game, so I’m always keen to try out others
  2. Concrete Jungle was great so I’ll buy the next game no matter what!

This is high on my list. Even if it is flawed, I’d like to support him such that he is encouraged to make a followup.

For a LONG time, I’ve wished I could program in order to create a 40s LA noir detective game, set in the world of Chandler/Marlowe, with some dynamic aspects and proc generated cases. So, for example, if you decide to go talk to the backroom casino boss who happens to have mob connections, and you push him and strong-arm him, he may tell his guys to give me a hard time (at best.) Or you may decide to try to play quid pro quo with him, and he has one of his guys give you an inside lead on some shady character who may have been involved. An entire world of such characters and options, playing out differently every time you play. Yeah, that’s my dream game of this type, so anyone who tries anything remotely close to it will get my dough.

It’s by the Concrete Jungle guy? Woah. Glad he’s still making stuff, and I’m very interested in this kind of big swing from him!

@jsnell though now that I look and see that you suggested skipping Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter, I started playing it just now because I had it free from Twitch and I am absolutely stumped on just how the game works. I’m trying to do the very first character portrait and I can pan around the kid’s body but clicking the mouse/pressing buttons on my xbox controller doesn’t seem to do anything at all, and then after a little while it tells me I did a bad job. Then I was questioning him and tried to object and it seemed like it ignored that. What does the UI want me to do?

Speaking of Frogware’s Sherlock series, they have announced the next game in the series and it’s going the prequel route of showing you his younger years. For my liking he’s looking a bit too much like a pretty boyband singer, but that’s not really important.

Who is the imaginary friend? Mycroft? his dad?

Is it being released episodic?

Nope… In one interview they explained its a full game, the name is just a variation of “Sherlock: origins” or “Sherlock: Year One” …etc

Very nice! But seems a long way from being done. Kind of reminds me of Liberation: Captive 2 (Amiga 1993) in the way you’re going around procedural locations tracking clues. And it is crazy that you have to go that far back to find something similar! :)

This article got me excited for his “Writer’s Detective Handbook,” but it seems like it doesn’t really exist.

Paradise Killer looks pretty interesting:

It does. They talk about how open ended it is. I can’t tell if there’s one person who is the ultimate target murderer or if it can be a different person each play through. If the latter, this is an instant buy/try for me.

Wow! Thanks for putting this one on my radar. Gonna grab it tonight when I get home.

It’s really really good. Rushed through it in a couple of nights because I enjoyed it so much. AFAICT, it’s a fixed mystery, not randomised in a Bladerunner style, but significant player discretion is left as to how much you want to prosecute people based on the facts you uncover.

Massive spoiler Seems there are two conspiracies, I felt, that happened to coincide. I sent the one run by all the really unsympathetic ones down completely, while pinning the other one solely on the ringleader. Which leaves a bit of a moral nasty aftertaste, as one of the former group hated me, but had a very sympathetic motive for joining in, while the two I let off were sympathetic personally, but had a much weaker motive of boredom for wanting to join in. Especially as they’re all mass-murdering immortal sociopaths worshipping genocidal gods. Still, fitting in to the role, I executed Henry afterwards though., No Citizens on the next island, after all.

The theme song has been stuck in my head all week too.

I only just saw this thread and scrolled through the whole thing very quickly and unless I missed it you are missing one of the best game series ever…

Danganronpa which is a visual novel type game. I’ve only played the first two, but the third one gets great reviews as well. The first one is one of my favorite games ever. It’s just so different than anything else I’ve ever played.

All the games in the series have a similar idea which is that you have a group all trapped in a place and need to solve murders to escape. Each murder involves you trying to figure out who did it and then convicting them. If I missed it above ignore me, but if it’s not add it to your darn list yesterday.

After listening to your link five times in a row, I’m seriously considering getting the edition with the soundtrack.

(Ooh, available on Switch too! Oh, never mind, it costs 50% more than the Steam version despite there being no Steam discounts.)