Detective Pikachu - Deadpool says pika!


We finally made it here.


Holy cow that trailer looks amazing.

Surprised this is the first live action Pokemon film. Looks fun though.


What is this I dont even but how or also but why and

. . .



Just showed it to my 7yo and she is VERY excited haha.


Yep, my kids are super excited about this now too.


This went from “why are they making such a dumb sounding movie” to “I am going to see this opening weekend”.


There aren’t enough WTF’s in the world to describe my reaction.


Likewise, but also “I have got to see this.”


OK - I’ve got to see this with my boys. No question.


I don’t get it.


Put one more in the “What the, I don’t even” pile, please.


That looked great! I am looking forward to catching this now.


I love Ryan Reynolds, but his voice is 1 billion % wrong for this.


I’m excited for the end-of-movie reveal that the kid has a brain tumor and that he’s fully hallucinating the conversations he’s having with Pikachu.


Well, Lawrence Tierney is dead so I guess they had to go with their second choice.


How about James Earl Jones?


Disagree, but I’m not a huge Pokemon fan so I guess I’m the wrong guy to have an opinion about it.


Everyone on this thread be like: