Determining MB/SATA driver information

I just had a hard crash on my Vista 32 computer. Vista is reporting that I need to update my Nvidia SATA driver. I have an Nvidia MB, but unfortunately I didn’t write down the brand and I also don’t know the product name/series (Nvidia 7 or 8 or whatever). Is there a way to find this out without having to take the computer apart? Thanks much in advance.

Try the Device Manager (Computer -> Manage), under System Devices. If you’re lucky, there’ll be names of specific chipset models there; if not, they might be something fairly generic.

Should have mentioned that I tried that :) and no dice, there’s no product specific information there.

run cpu-z to find out mobo model/name.

SIW will tell you more than you want to know about your computer.

Thanks so much! I’m downloading the drivers now.