Deterring cats & kittens

Being very careful to try to keep our inside cat safe. Making sure to wash up after any interaction with Aurora. She is vaccinated against feline leukemia and it seems cats get naturally more resistant to it as they age? She’s eleven so odds seem pretty slim she’d catch it. But I don’t want to risk that or anything else he could bring with him.

Hello, @lordkosc. Happily my neighbor moved on and the last two years have been blissfully peaceful. They have not been cat free however as I know foster cats during the Spring, Summer, and Fall. During the winter I try and rescue stray cats from outside. So far I have managed to get 4 cats in during the winter for the past two years. 3 of them adopted to homes and one of them got a barn placement. There was a fifth cat during the summer of 2021 that I was able to reunite with her owners as she had gotten out of the house and gotten lost for several months before I found her.

Currently I am fostering Smokey.

Smokey giving you the side-eye like you’re thinking about stopping petting him.

Been about two weeks since my last post about Aurora(or Rory as he’s often referred to as now). He shows up every night and sticks around and the area but leaves like clockwork right around 5:15 every morning. Most days he doesn’t come back until close to dusk so we’ve not been able to get him to the vet still. Live trapping is an option I’m sure but I feel like he would hate me for it. On the bright side, the last two days he’s been around earlier and we’ve made sure he gets food when he does that, so maybe it’ll become habit.

He’s definitely putting on weight and getting stronger. Two weeks ago getting onto the porch couch was a challenge and nowadays he hops right up. His fur looks much better too.

Yeah, he’s started thinking he maybe would like to come inside. But if our cat catches him doing this she will attack the door.

Awwww so cute.

I think this might be Rory:

From this thread.

This works great. Used it on our old cat a decade ago to keep him from using our couch as scratching post. about 4-5 days with the foil drapped over the arms and he never did it again.

Stand the cat carrier on its back so the entrance is facing up. Grab said cat by the scruff and lower them back legs in first, release scruff and pray you can retrieve hand in time while gentle closing the lid. Good luck, I wear gardening gloves…J/K…maybe.

Foil worked with one of our kittens but the other wasn’t phased by it.

Hmm, strange I wonder what it is. Same cat that the foil worked on was deathly afraid of any kind of plastic bags.

Our last cats were also brother and sister but one hated water and one liked it.

I had two kittens given to my by my sister not long after I left the Navy. They were gifts from one of her students and she was too kind to say no to them so … Skipper will take them!

At any rate they were from the same litter with one being gray and completely deaf and a very cool cat, while the other was generic tabby colored and extremely skittish. So, my roommate and I were playing with my deaf cat, who was just too cool as a cat for any one person. He LOVED tin foil and loved playing with it, probably because he couldn’t hear it.

So, skittish kitty jumps up on my roommates lap one evening and he tells me, “go get the tin foil now that we have her here, maybe she will like it!” I go get the tin foil, I can tell as I approach him with it that she’s got really wide eyes but I took the small sheet and quickly crinkled it into a ball, with said amount of loud noise, then put it down next to him. She FREAKED out. Worse than I’ve ever seen a cat lose it. So much in fact that she literally pooped on my roommates lap as she was making a lightning fast getaway. And thus, for the rest of her very long life through both me and my mother later taking care of her, she was, “Shitty Kitty.”

Nice story. It is strange sometimes what will freak an animal out.

They say cucumbers really bother them, but both my cats i tried this with just smelled it, decided it wasn’t food, and just ignored it.

Shitty kitty reminds me of this:

spoilering for loud, kitten-fecal related, bad parenting video.

I’m a bad man: that video makes me laugh so hard