Dethkarz - Found!

Every now and then you’d see one on Ebay, but it’s often hard to locate this game. I think it’s one of the best arcade racing games ever created. Done by Melbourne House some years ago, I actually won my original copy and a T-Shirt by entering their demo contest. You had to get the lowest time possible on the one track given out in the demo. I came in third in a cutthroat competition.

Anyway, phenomenal game that I just reacquired today for $5 at one of those closeout places…Ollie’s. Amazing. It was like finding a needle in a haystack though it was like a beacon on the shelf calling out to me. I lost my copy a couple years ago along with about 70 other PC games that blew off the top of my car. Can’t believe I finally found it again. I just had to tell someone… what a game.



Poor Wumpus. Such a hater.

I hear ya, Dave. Deathkarz kicks all kinds of ass. I still load it up from time to time…


Just out of curiosity, how many of those games have you reacquired so far?

I still have my copy of DethKarz. I’m not going to get all maudlin if I somehow tragically lose it, though.

That’s a good question, Kool. I just checked my list and it looks like about 20 of them that I’ve bought a second time. There are others I’m still interested in replacing too.

I love watching wumpus blow everything out of proportion on these boards. He’s the king of exaggeration.


Wow. Your…law-abidingness is admirable. :shock:

Thanks. Developers have nothing to fear from me when it comes to piracy. Everything I own was either purchased or was received for reviews/previews. :)


Thank goodness! Adam at Sierra will sleep well tonight.

No he won’t. He’s going to go watch that movie preview that Erik posted and get creeped out. D’uh!

Wow. Your…law-abidingness is admirable. :shock:[/quote]

Yes and unneccessary due to the fact that when you buy a game you aren’t buying the disc it self you are buying rights to use the program on the disc so if you lose the disc you still own it. As I recall Dave lost just the CDs of several games off the roof of his car. Easily and legally replaced for the price of a few blank CDs but hey if you want to spend the extra cash knock yourself out maybe it will help jumpstart the economy. ;)

– Xaroc

OMG, I thought I was the only one who was looking for this game. I spent no less than 3 months last year scrounging computer shows and eBay hoping to find it amongst a pile of old games someone was tossing out. I gave up but after seeing Daves post I typed the title in to eBay just out of curiosity and lo and behold I find a copy right there for $10!

One of those great forgotten games that deserved much more exposure than it got. Graphics are beautiful even for a title as old as this.

Thanks for the reminder Dave! :D


Deathkarz? Bah. That’s not an old, classic arcade game.

Activision’s DeathTrack – now THAT’s an old classic. The version I have has both 5.25 and 3.5-inch floppies. Used to be my favorite game to put on a laptop in the early 90s. Anyone remember it? You could play in CGA mode, or 640x200 monochrome!

I gotta find a slowdown utility for XP so I can try this sucker again…

Yep, I remember DeathTrack. Enjoyable game, although it was pretty easy once you built yourself up a little bit. Good graphics for the time, too.

Yeah, I couldn’t find a slowdown for it that actually worked (DeathTrack). I’ve been anxious to try it again too.

If you enjoyed Dethkarz as much as me, you should seek out Melbourne House’s other racing titles. GP500 (motorcycles) is every bit as good though it’s a sim based on the FIM Grand Prix bikes. On Dreamcast, they did the superb Test Drive Le Mans and completely fixed Eutechnyx’ broken PC version of the game and turned it into a legendary game. Yes, you can run the full 24 hours! Also, Looney Tunes: Space Race features excellent cel shading and some great Mario Kart style gameplay with perfect animation for the characters. A great game that was mostly overlooked. Not sure about the PS2 versions of these although the reviews often noted the DC versions were better.

Since then, they’re apparently working on Grand Prix Challenge which looks phenomenal.

Definitely a developer I keep my eye on because of their track record of great racing titles.