Deus Ex 2 screenshots

I saw them earlier and wasn’t quite impressed. The bump mapping effects seem like overcompensation for kind of low resolution textures.

[edit]Which I will likely be in the minority in thinking… [/edit]

Not a big fan of those graphics. The characters just don’t have enough… umm… character. They look like they could have been made in Poser (a simple human rendering program)… but I’d have to see them in action before I really decided if I liked them or not.

They look like Splinter Cell, which looks much better in action than in screenshots.

They look pretty damned good to me!

Crap. From the look of things I need a serious computer upgrade.

When’s the (expected) release date?

They look awesome to me. Very stylized, with strong contrasting shadows and lighty like a dystopian future spy/action/intrigue game should have.

I’m curious to learn which, if any, of the endings of Deux Ex 1 was used as the “real ending” on which this sequel is based.

By the way, why did the choose a dutch games website to release the pics to? Or are they leaked?

Since you play Alex Denton, it can’t be the Tong ending (Alex was at area51 and must survive).

The Helios ending would be a really ambitious game design – imagine if you had to overthrow JCs god-like rule over the earth. But I’m pretty sure they didn’t do this

So it must be the Illumanity.

Personally, I was partial to the tong ending. It’s not really a dark age, it’ not like technology disappears or knowledge vanishes.

I’ve always wondered why European gaming sites get the cool pics and videos before anyone else.

Who exactly was Alex Denton? Been a while since I played DX…

Alex Denton was a JC clone in a vat who you pass on your way through the final base.

DX2 is looking pretty damn good to me. They’re doing the same per-pixel accurate lighting with stencil shadows that everyone’s raving about in Doom 3, by the way, with more complex environments. If their textures are looking a little low res, it might be because they’re chopped down to fit in Xbox memory. I’m not sure if we were looking at PC or Xbox screenshots.

For more screens, look at Video Game News, Reviews, and Walkthroughs - IGN

Hmm, I can’t quite tell what shots belong to what especially since there was just a report today on VE3d from one of the devs that says they aren’t using Unreal engine anymore - they’ve rewritten it to suit their needs. So what exactly are we looking at with these new ones?

I’m still unimpressed, though. I’ve heard people making the argument that it looks much better in motion, that heavy pixel shading/specular lighting don’t look great in screenshots, but that doesn’t explain to me why games like Stalker look amazing in both. But also, the mixing of texture detail levels (a player model looks photorealistic, a floor wood texture looks like blurry, dynamically lit ass) in some shots really bother me. They could just be temp textures, but who knows.

Ah, now I remember. thanks.

“I’ve always wondered why European gaming sites get the cool pics and videos before anyone else.” got those pics from a preview of the German mag/site Gamestar (source link is in the article). Gamestar is Germany’s biggest PC mag and they have some decent connections to some of the developers. The DX2 pics were part of a trip to Ion Storm where they also got the chance to see a very early version of Thief 3.

They’re much chummier with PR.

Supposedly he was an adult guy in a holding vat in Area 51, but it turns out he was 5 years old (Deus Ex 2 takes place 15 years after Deus Ex and he is a young man then) in another location at the time.

That is NOT Alex Denton in the vat in Area 51, despite what the plaque reads.

“Anno Domini” who follows JC Denton will also be either female or male in Deus Ex 2, based on player choice.

For which they posted nothing of value. Die Fuckers! I want my Thief 3!

think those shots look great and am definatly looking forward to this game. but i doubt we see it this year.