Deus Ex 2: who's excited?

Well, we’ve heard about Warren Spector going back to his booth and crying after seeing Half-Life 2.

Any updates on Deus Ex 2? Is it gonna ship before Half-Life 2? Lately I’ve seen some Q4 estimates for it…

And is it still gonna be all that and a bag of chips, or has Half-Life 2 stolen some thunder?

Yours in idle speculation…

Half-Life 2’s stolen so much thunder from, well, everything, that I may simply never play it, so as to not allow it to ruin my enjoyment of everything else.

So I’m still really pumped up about DX2.

I am definitely looking forward to it. The first was great I am sure the next one will be even better. The only thing about the first I didn’t like was the AI was dumb in places. If they can clean that up, have a good story, and the same open ended gameplay of the first it will be a critical success.

– Xaroc

I finally got around to playing the first one about 2 years after it shipped.

I might be tempted to play the second one sooner, but my interest is pretty minimal after seeing it at E3.

I’m not sure how “total freedom” equates from what is basically the most fancy lock and key puzzle game ever made (with guns!), but I’m sure someone here will tell me…

Your Power Pill

Can’t wait…for Tom Chick’s review!

I’m excited. It is number one on my list of must-have games. I just hope they get around to finishing it this year.

Not looking good. They were supposed to be done for October. Now they’re saying mid-December. Let’s hope they ship before they run out of cash.

The game has been looking bad-ass for some time though.

Let’s get excited,
And we just can’t hide it,
I’m about to lose control and I think I like it.
I’m so excited,
And I just can’t hide it,
And I know, I know, I know, I know
I know I want you, want you.

Definitely excited. The first still remains as one of my fave games.

I am excited, but not in a disco sort of way.


I’m not going to pre-judge it negatively. Warren has been involved with only a few mediocre games.

I was the anti-Chick with the first one… Loved it and played through all three endings. So I’m really looking forward to this one.

If the comparison between the first versions of Half-Life and Deus Ex applies here, the games will be sufficiently different enough (one more RPG, one more combat) that they won’t be in direct competition.

Deus Ex 2 is one of the few games I’m actually looking forward to and I’ll get it barring it being a total disaster. Half Life 2? I’ll probably pass. I’m not much of a straight FPS fan, I picked a cheap version of the original to see what the fuss was about (I had two workmates who were big fans), but didn’t care for it too much. There’s nothing wrong with the game, just not my cup of tea.

I’ll definitely get Deus Ex 2 (and Thief 3) but also Half-Life 2. I don’t like conventional shooters either but HL really was exceptional IMO. Well, other than those atrocious Xen levels that only people like Tom Chick and Steve Bauman liked.

Chick liked Xen? Jesus.

Chick liked Xen? Jesus.

That is pretty fucked up, and if Tom were a citizen of a country where I was Total Dictator, I’m pretty sure I’d have him shot…then hung because he didn’t like Deus Ex.

I’m not ashamed to say that on my first run-through of HL, I pretty much godded my way through the Xen levels. The bouncy-bouncy Mario meets Stroggos of those levels just bored the living shit out of me, especially after the tight fights in Black Mesa.


And Tom Chick is a very, very gay name, too.

I mean, come on.


I just hope that if they do multiple endings in Deus Ex 2, the differences between them are more fundamental than a choice made in the last 10 minutes of the game.

At least he wasn’t named Richard Chick… I’ll be quiet now… :P

Yeah, they really dropped the ball there. There were story choices throughout the entire game, but none of them mattered once you got to the ending. I saw all three endings in a matter of 20 minutes of gametime.