Deus Ex 3

Some things revealed…

Seems like more of the same to me. I had a bit of fun with the second, but it wasn’t the greatest game ever.

Please don’t suck…please don’t suck…please…

…the world is ruled by megacorporations, more powerful than national governments

Wow, what crazy futurism!

My favorite bit was:

-Women play a large role in the game, some of them you’ve known for a long time, others will try to seduce or betray you, depending on your previous actions

Women portrayed as seducers or traitors! Imagine that.

EDIT: I take it back. Further down the page:

Originally Posted by LatwPIAT:
Mmmmm. Film Noir Femmes Fatales. Will some of them be either a) Lesbians or b) Androids?

Posted in response:
Who cares, as long as we can bang them?

Go for the ‘M’ rating!

-squad based combat AI with a visually identifiable squad leader

The fuck?

(laughing silently)

Because you know they won’t fight without their leader…

“We can’t fight without our leader Superfly!”

Buy a magazine fellas. There’s a feature article in the December 2008 issue of Edge. A lot of that info was already in there, and more.

What? Are we living in the stone age?

Magazines lack people discussing the bangability of possibly lesbian, possibly android female characters.

I don’t think any Deus Ex game is going to be worthwhile unless the Devs resurrect the original gameplay style. Trying to “put a new spin on it” misses the point.

There was a reason that game is considered a classic, and a reason the sequel was quickly forgotten.

So it’s a prequel.

And in other breaking news, Rosebud was a sled.

I think I’d say that the “gameplay styles” of the original Deus Ex and its sequel were largely the same – and that the difference between them was mainly in the level layouts and writing.

So have we all officially given up hope on this one? Or is that just Charles?

What the heck! I came into this thread to read about DX3 and got a spoiler for a movie instead? I was waiting for the right moment to see CK, savoring the wait, and now you ruined it. Reported!

So, back to DX3; lesbian androids who try to seduce you, check, any mention of sheep?

Sale #1.

Why Deus Ex 3? There never was a Deus Ex 2!

No. Stop here. Having “some” female characters who betray or seduce you hardly makes Deus Ex 3 some vile sexist gaming equivalent of Bang Bus porn.