Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's solution to save-scumming

Adam Jensen is hunkered down behind a convenient desk. Heavily armed guards patrol back and forth. I could have my Jensen, my stealthy silent assassin cyber-augmented Jensen, stay crouched behind cover and stealthily take each guard out with long-range abilities, but my ninja Adam Jensen is a dumbass. He wants to scurry out into the open because that’s what happens when you load from a save while in cover and have to hit the spacebar on the PC version of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The button to confirm the load is the same as one to vault over objects while in cover, which means save-scumming presents its own form of punishment with each reload. Pop! Up comes Jensen! “Hey guys!” I imagine the look of surprise on the guards faces as they mow Jensen down.

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Doesn’t it work to just click with the mouse to accept the save load? Or did the developer remove that “feature”? It could also be that the game just doesn’t save the state of being “in cover” and only knows your location.

This does not happen with controller, btw.

Yup. It’s a keyboard and mouse thing.

Score one point for controllers!

I trough this thread was going to be about how the game have limited save slots. 11 slots in PS4 and I believe than around 80 in PC.

Like many things in the game feel half-assed, but not really bad in a way that affect your enjoyment of the game.

The new PC patch released about an hour ago supposedly fixes the break cover issue. I never hit it since I’m playing with an XBO controller.