Dev Rant

I was wondering when another dutch bashing thread would show up. These things always spontaneously appear it seems.


(#1088) <nimur> Ashiran, why must you shoot down EVERYTHING I SAY??? <Ashiran> I’m dutch

I was joking. I also don’t actually wear wooden shoes.

Wooden shoes wear him.

what have we ever done to you?

Making music is goood. I’d love to get one of these. A tad pricey though.

Sooner or later Google or Amazon will introduce a scalable pay-per-hit DRM backend, which will end this “license server down” crap (at least relative to how it is now). Unreachable servers are death for consumer opinion of DRM, but some companies do know how to scale service to meet Internet demand, and DRM will eventually be no exception. Consumer outrage will mandate it.

At least I fucking hope that’s how it goes, because DRM is not going away.

I was thinking it would be one of those. I almost pulled the trigger on the PLAY upgrade for my copy of EWQLSO Platinum but even with the promo discount I just couldn’t stomach the risk of a big DRM headache in the middle of a project. The Kompakt version has its rough spots but in general it works fine.

Glad to hear they got you sorted out. The few times I’ve had to deal with them they’ve always had awesome support.

I dig them Stroopwafels. They give me Dutch courage when a Dutch uncle is on my case.

Or a Dutch heracules

Yeah, like Tesco Vee! BWANNGNGGGGGG