Dev Studio 2008 technical support help needed

I have a certain programming problem I am working with MS to resolve. One of the tests they want me to do is to build and run my app as a 64 bit application. I had never done this, but looked up the steps. Basically I go to the project configuration and select a new profile and select the x64 type and then I should be able to build my app as a 64 bit app.

I keep getting a linker error: LNK1104: cannot open file ‘kernel32.lib’

So I make a new basic win32 console application and follow those steps and still get the same error. I go to a co-worker who has this installed and follow the steps and it works just fine for him.

I post this on code-guru and they tell me my installation is corrupted. So I attempt to repair the installation. I try it again and still get the error. I then uninstall everything. Dev Studio 2008, the SDKs, everything I can find related to this. I then go through the re-install (several hours later) I am up and running again. I once again to go to my test project and I still get the same damn error.

I am now installing Dev Studio 2008 SP1, but I do not think this issue will be fixed when it is done. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong and how to fix it?

Hmm, that’s a tough one, searching for that error on the webs gives lots of links and reasons as to why you might experience the issue. But they all vary.

Have you tried this one?

That may be of help. I noticed in the general configuration where all the locations of the libraries are lead to the install folder, but the directories indicated in Dev Studio are not there. I would then think that nothing should build, but it can still make 32 bit applications.

I am currently downloading the latest SDK, 7.1. Maybe installing that will fix it. I also do not know how to tell Dev Studio which SDK to use. I do not even know how to tell what those variables in the library area values are. IE: things like “$(WindowsSdkDir)\lib”

It seems that when you uninstall, it leaves a bunch of settings and stuff around. There seems to be no way to get a clean install beyond installing on a new OS.

What OS are you using? Win7? Vista? How old is the OS install (e.g. how long has it been since you installed the OS originally)? How much software have you put on that machine since you originally installed the OS? Are you up to date with service packs etc. for whatever OS version it is?

Its Vista 64 bit. Its up-to-date. However, I have copied my user profile from an XP machine back in the days of using VS6. So there is a long legacy of upgrades and possibly baggage that may be causing the issue. I am guessing that there is some past configuration that is causing the issue with VS 2008. Maybe the only way to get a clean install is to get a new box and install fresh that way. That is kind of a last resort though.

I would recommend you do that now. Vista 64 bit was never a great OS to begin with, and if you have XP legacy on there as well, you should cut your losses and nuke the site from orbit. That’s what I would do, anyway. Otherwise you could spend an unbounded amount of time trying to approximate some kind of known configuration.

P.S. ditch Vista for 7.



I would need a new machine. I have a lot of data on this machine I want to save. Id rather get a new machine and then copy what I need as I need it. I do not want to copy a bunch of stuff to a server, then nuke this box and then be like, “Oh Shit, I forgot to copy that other stuff”. Ill play with it for another day before I ask my boss for a new box.

I am spending most of my time waiting for windows to install or update something. It is really annoying.