Devastation - almost done - and The Duke is still MIA

Its all true. I’ve been down there. I’ve seen it. I know the devs (they’re local to me).

Lets hope the suits don’t ruin this one with piss-poor marketing

Wow, looks nice. I especially like the character designs. Look normal, something not common for some reason. It reminds me a bit of Running Man.

Lets hope the suits don’t ruin this one with piss-poor marketing

One of the problems they have to deal with is that their publisher isn’t used to dealing with those kinds of products. When I previewed the game for CGM, it seemed to me they were pushing some pretty iffy angles: physics system, particle effects, stealth, hacking.

Instead, they should be stressing how the gameplay works with their respawners, bot AI, and base capture rules. Assuming it works like they say, those are the things that will set it apart from other first person shooters.


Is there a demo? There should be a demo.

I agree 100% and this has been the basis of my discussions with them over the past few months.

In fact, if I say so myself, I was very instrumental in convincing them to NOT ship this game four months ago (Thanksgiving I believe it was), simply because it wasn’t ready - but the publishers didn’t give a toss then.

After a lengthy afternoon meeting (thats the purpose of networking in the IGDA, you learn from others experiences), I told them point blank : BE HONEST, ask for more time and finish the game you started out designing or you’re in trouble. They took my advice and the publisher - not very happy about it agreed in the end. The game is all the better for it. How they market it and how it is received, is clearly another matter.

These guys [Digitalo] are a damn fine group of guys. Very professional, hard working and they know their shit. The game is testament to this notion.

If this (very cool looking) game fails it won’t be due to “piss-poor marketing.” I think whoever is managing the PR/MKTG on this game has done a fine job – good magazine ad/editorial coverage, great web coverage. The hard-core ID/Epic boys know about Devastation and they’re ready to download… er buy it on day one.

If this game fails it’ll be because the three(!) publishers together couldn’t get it decent distribution and nobody will be able to buy it anywhere.

It won’t sell at all because it appeals to the warez crowd. They’ll all pirate it and have a good old time. No one else will buy it and it will die a horrible death.

As a personal anecdote, there has been a interview with a thumbnail image at the top of’s page for some weeks now that I keep going past. I was about to say that I hadn’t bothered to look at it, and in fact I hadn’t even heard the title otherwise, since one usually expects to hear about FPSs without trying and honestly nobody seems to be talking about it.

But then I realized I had checked out the link a few weeks ago and it looked so generic that I had completely forgotten. There’s a shot of some sniper in an apartment block alley, another sniper in an alley, a guy in a biohazard suit, some guys next to a street garage, and then - a shark. What? Then back to a street. Nevermind…

So I’m not sure who you’d like to blame for that. Marketers, developers, VE, or me.

Yeah, I’ve looked at that links not once but a couple of times – because everything looks so generic that I immediately forgot what I had seen! “Devastation? Hmm, never heard of it…” Classic Memento effect.

K, graphics look great. But the gameplay… is it something like a more action version of Rogue/Ghost Recon? Are the maps/levels bigger than average? I’m guessing Ghost Recon size. Do you control teammates in SP? My guess, not. Would be cool if it played a bit tactical/action ala Deadly Dozen Pacific (UNDERRATED GAME FOLKS!).