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You wusses. The OP wasn’t even that long.
Oh dear, Etrian Odyssey is coming out next week!?! Time flies…

Is anyone going to be picking it up today? I’m still debating it since I bought Red Star last week and was abit disapointed with it.

I’ve preordered it, but my order will probably take a week or two to arrive from Canada to Europe.

Crap, I don’t even remember doing this. I’m going to unplug my computer before I start drinking again.

Tried to order it from gogamer today, and they went from preorder to out of stock in less then a day. Would that mean that they didn’t get in any copies of it today? Also no stores in my area got the game in either today.

I didn’t realize that the thread had been the subject of the dread black arts.

I had a chance to play the game today at Eb ( their website was wrong again), I have two questions before I decide to pick it up. Are you supposed to do any drawing for the first floor? Or is it just walk around all the paths ? Also are you supposed to just create 5 characters and stick with them, or fill up your 15 spots in the guild?

From what I’ve read, the first floor is mostly (wholly?) mapped for you to begin with, but starting from the second floor you’ll have to do it yourself. Also, different floors and bosses are easier with different class-combinations, so you’ll want to have more than five characters that you can switch around to your active party.

And this video tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the game: F.O.E.!