Development Question

So a question for all development types who care to answer: What development environment are you using? I’m not talking about art assets or database management, but source code stuff. What IDEs are you using? What compilers (and what language)? What source code control ware? And so forth. Thanks.

TextPad and/or MultiEdit


Tell me what platform you’re programming for, and I’ll make a recommendation.

-Roger (PS2 and gamecube compiler/linker docs guy)

By the way. I can’t stop playing Powball… damn you.

Well I’m beginning the code for my first game, and it’s for PC/Windows. I am using the free version of Borland’s compiler and VIDE as the IDE for writing. It’s low-end, but legal. I’m using the GLUT library for the OpenGL and I/O and otherwise I’m pretty much beating my brains out.

MS VC++ 6.0 with the CPP patch (MFC libs)
MS Source Safe for source control

Evaluating Intel’s C++ compiler, and considered Vector C, but there’s no C++ compiler yet…

Plethora of free stuff: (don’t ignore a debugger GUI)

The nice stuff costs money. If those 7-11 scratchcards work out:

IDE: SlickEdit. Some programmers prefer it over MS DevStudio. 30-day trial here:

Compiler: MS VC++: most of their compiler bugs are in the MSN knowledgebase.

Yeah there’s some good stuff out there for “no money bitches” like myself. I’m more or less happy with VIDE, GLUT, and the free Borland compiler now that I’ve gotten the core Windows code working. Mostly I’m looking to create just some goofy little games to kind of get the ball rolling with programming again (it’s been awhile since those C++ classes at the university). On the other hand, I’m not opposed to having them published if they are good enough, have enough appeal, etc.

I suppose it’s just an activity that I’d like to become a hobby that I’d like to become a profession. You can only play other games so many times before you start thinking about your own great ideas.

Thanks! I’m always happy to hear from a happy camper. Maybe I can ask Anthony to rewrite it for win32, add netcode, and put it up on Gamespy Arcade or something.

Add 320,000 extra lines of code and call it Battlecrusiser Powball.

we just switched at work from using MS’ VSS to Rational’s Clear Case. after the initial shock of having to play with something new, i actually like it…a lot. very nice that each developer gets a view locally of the source tree, rather than the VSS way where there is only one view. our RE guys says Clear Case is much smoother when it comes to code splits - good stuff if you are issuing betas or demos.

I use Codewarrior as my primary development IDE. Also my compiler on Mac. I use the CW compiler it if I can get away with it on x86, otherwise it’s Visual C++.NET for compilation. I hate the new VS.NET interface.

Tools and custom apps are done in Borland C++ Builder.

Console compiler is either gcc or Codewarrior, depending on the platform.


Same here, but I mostly use the commandline environment

I also use…

[li]Intel’s Vtune compiler for optimization, profiling etc
[/li][li]NuMega Boundschecker for debugging, profiling - as well as its TrueTime performance profiler to ensure that Intel’s VTune isn’t trying to pull a fast one on me.
[/li][li]DirectX 8 and 9 (Beta 2) SDK
[/li][li]nVidia Cg Toolkit
[/li][li]Beyond Compare 2.0
[/li][li]Search & Replace
[/li][li]Test Track Pro
[/li][li]Shader Studio
[/li][li]Installshield Express 3.5x
[/li][li]Macrovision SafeDisc 2.50 SDK
[/li][li]MySQL Front

…as well as some stuff that MS packs into the MSDN subs