Deviant Japanese sexuality (N.W.S.)

For those who were curious. Not safe for the workplace.

That was cool.

Lets here it for the Pervert Train! I like the names of some of those venues. Interesting stuff.

Not safe for work, but in case anyone is curious but afraid to click through it is far closer to being safe for work than you’d imagine for being supposedly “deviant” and Japanese. IOW, it ain’t tubgirl or anything like that.

I’m usually into skinny girls, especially with porn, but those girls from Club Mammoth looked kind of cute, in a chubby way.

Put me down for the breast touching pub

Maybe this is dumb question, but are these (or some of them anyway) brothels? I mean, beyond the sushi boob touching, can customers pay to bang the bridesmaid, tubgirls, policewoman, etc?

Anything labelled ‘soapland’ is a brothel. I would imagine the majority are as well, or at least as near as dammit. They probably can but can’t say they can, if you know what I mean.

I have to say, I am not sure what is so ‘deviant’ about them. Surely not much different from Western fantasies - police, schoolgirl, etc.

Calling Japanese sexuality deviant always seems like going for the low hanging fruit to me. Apart from some instances, I genuinely think it is more the case that they are more open about their fetishes and sex, which just excites the West.

They didn’t show the japscat and bukakke brothels.

I’m pretty sure you go to most of those places to get “bathed” in the same sense that you can go to that spa across the street from my apartment to get “a massage.”

I always associated scat with Germany for some reason. Not that I would, you know, actually know anything about it…*

*I actually really don’t. Too rough, frankly

Creepily enough, scat afficionados actually consider German and Japanese scat to be different styles.

My god, there are actually schools of this sort of thing?

And creepily enough, you know this because…?

Fine question, one that I was scared to ask. A connoisseur in our midst?

When you do tech support at an ailing ISP for five years, you sort of end up plumbing the depths of basically every corner of the internet, even the corners you didn’t really want to visit.

A likely story.

Cross-pollinating threads again, not many salaries can be worth that!

We should take up a collection to send Kitsune into each of these places and write a review of it - with pics, of course.

That’s gonna be a hell of a collection. Paying for him to fly to Japan won’t come cheap.