Device cannot find enough resources

It’s a freaking PCI Ethernet card. On my nForce 680i motherboard. You would think that it wouldn’t be difficult for a network card to find the tiny amount of resources it needs to run properly. Just to be sure, I even turned off the onboard crap I’m not using (serial/parallel ports, onboard LAN, 1394). Still, this NIC insists on throwing this Code 12 error.

Of course, there’s no other PCI slot that I can plug the dumb thing into because the two Nvidia monstrosities in there take up the rest of the space in my case.

What the crap?

Why use this instead of the onboard LAN?

There have been problems with the onboard Ethernet on nForce boards not working with Windows 7.

The only thing I can think of trying offhand is to flip the Plug-n-Play OS BIOS setting, whatever its current setting is, just so that it tries to allocate PCI resources a different way.

Did you by chance plug it into the first PCI slot that shares resources with something else? Like the graphics card?

When running into errors like these I usually also try fiddling with BIOS to make sure it’s set for “Allow OS to manage resources” or “Plug and Play” or similar. Your BIOS shouldn’t be trying to set things prior to boot, Windows can handle them just fine.