Devil Daggers: Robotron meets Quake

Now this is what I call a First Person Shooter.

Still under development, but the sound design and visual aesthetic ticks all my boxes.

More cool stuff here:
(unless spiders and other multi-legged arthropods really freak you out, in which case steer well clear of this game!)

I could get behind a new wave of short artsy shooters.

Skulls, tentacles, and lots of legs. I like. :)

Made in Australia! Great art style and atmosphere. My only complaint is that it seems to be a survival/arena style game. I’d like to see what they could do with interesting geometry and carefully crafted singleplayer levels. Very excited to check it out, though.

Is it just endlessly kiting monsters?

I can just imagine someone saying that to Eugene these days. “Dude this Robotron game is just kiting monsters all the time, is that it!?”

Back then it was a novel idea, and there were so few games in existence that you could easily make a game entirely around kiting mobs. Now kiting mobs whilst shooting backwards is a staple of many, many games. Hell, it’s arguably all Serious Sam is. What else does this game offer?

A cool aesthetic that loses its welcome just about the time the gameplay does. You don’t have to play it for 20 hours.

I think you’re looking for a different type of game, Pod. This is a first person arena shooter with a great style. Perhaps there will be more depth than these early videos show, but they’re clearly going for a certain type of gameplay, building on it with things like rocket jumping (as a central mechanic). But still, it’s going to be an arena shooter.

Can someone else who’s on my Steam friends list please buy this game? Condition: you must be crap at it. How else am I going to get off the bottom of this damned friends leaderboard? I can’t even beat Tom’s score!

I picked it up last night finally, played for about half an hour and got progressively better, came within a few seconds of getting off my embarrassingly last position. Called it a night, noticed I’d played the game for longer than either of the two people above me (and seriously, WTF Astromarine?). Tried again this morning, nice and fresh, took forever to even crack 30 seconds. In fact, I nearly broke my best score (59 seconds!) by not firing a single shot and running around the edge of the arena.

Back to my turn-based RPG, I think.

Wow, that video in the OP. Definitely looks like Geometry Wars/Robotron, but in first person. Interesting.

Can someone else who’s on my Steam friends list please buy this game? Condition: you must be crap at it. How else am I going to get off the bottom of this damned friends leaderboard? I can’t even beat Tom’s score!

No. I’m too busy trying to beat your impossible to beat score in challenge mode in Descent 4 Project Overload.

That must be the problem, I’m trying to strafe upwards out of the way and I’m stuck resolutely to a single plane!

It’s quite the game, but it’s over in moments… although that’s part of the appeal, because it has a cliff-like learning curve and you learn through repeated, regular and rapid death. The best parts of the game, as a result, are those exhilarating moments when you realise that you’re lasting longer than you did in your previous two-dozen attempts.

I knew I shouldn’t have brought Tom into this.

the cool ghosts video review of this is brilliant

nearly made me buy it. and it’s about the opposite of the kind of game i like to play.

(p.s. the “best game ever” subtitle is a running joke on this site)

The more I play this game, the worse I get at it. No joke. I can’t even break the 50 second barrier now, despite having read several guides on how to play the effing thing. I understand what I’m supposed to be doing, I just fail at the execution every single time. I am genuinely shit at it. :)

I think it’s time to accept this fact and move on.

Haha, so krayzkrok, have you beaten 63.5324 yet?


Tom is enjoying this.

I did just beat 60 seconds for the first time ever this evening. But every time I look at that giant spidery thing, every single time, something runs into me from behind and kills me. So I concentrate on killing the skulls / emitters instead, and then the spidery thing goes nuts, eats all my gems, and spews green skull spiders everywhere. I know this because when I die, which I do with 100% consistency, little green spidery things wander over to my corpse and mock me.



“Better than Tom Chick at Devil Daggers”

Congrats, but grrrrrrrrrr.

EDIT! Yes!

Dayum! Come back! How can I possibly get to 77.5 seconds? At least I’m still better than Tom. Never have there been a more welcome 0.2 seconds.