Devil Daggers: Robotron meets Quake

Wait, the game is scored by the number of seconds you stay alive? That’s why there are four digits after the period instead of three? It all makes sense now.

Man, I R dum


I want this game, but for some reason, looking at the scores and watching others play, I know I’ll never be good enough. I feel like I have lost before even playing the game.

It’s the little clock icon next to the number on the game over stats that gives it away. ;)

Watching your video earlier, two other things struck me. 1) you never fired a blast, which you can do by clicking the left mouse button instead of holding it down. It works like a shotgun, wider spread as it travels away from you. Also 2) if you stop firing, gems will be quickly drawn towards you. Gems are used to upgrade your weapons, which happens the first time after 10 gems. I have yet to achieve this (obviously).

You mentioned homing function by clicking the right mouse button. You get limited homing daggers later on. So I’ve been told.

Thanks for giving me the tools I will now use to reclaim my throne (i.e. spot above you on the leaderboards).


Bring it. Now that you know the basic rules, my victory will feel even more satisfying.

Now we’re starting to get somewhere…

Oo, this looks interesting.

The heat is on! I’m having a heck of a time coming close to that 77 I achieved yesterday.


I only bought this game to show you all up, as it didn’t look that hard.

But I’ve yet to get past that 60 second mark :’(

Welcome to hell, Pod.

For an added challenge, try playing with the sound off. Underlines just how critical it is.

Skum and mono are also history. Astromarine is next!


86 seems impossible! But I’ll go to Hell and back to regain the crown!

I got my first ever powerup on that run, and boy does it make a difference. I can see now how to get to 100s+. This game is a harsh teacher, but each little discovery you make about how to survive is like a revelation.

It’s amazing how fast an hour can go by in 40 second increments.

I think I’m getting carpal tunnel, and while I picked up a few strategies, I wasn’t even able to match my previous best.

Don’t give up! Your brain just needs time to grow additional neurons to enhance your high speed processing capabilities.

My hand seems to be getting used to the nightly Devil Daggers abuse, it’s not quite as painful as it was to start with. Besides, I got all my carpel tunnel out of the way with One Finger Death Punch. I also started making much better progress by turning the mouse sensitivity down. Default is 1.000, and my mouse works a lot better at 0.336. I’m starting to play the first minute with a feeling of confidence rather than complete bufuddlement.

The only other problem I have is my keyboard, which I’ve realised has been responsible for quite a few deaths. It’s a wireless thing, and while I’m not bothered about a tiny bit of lag which would make zero difference to my ability, I am bothered when it stops responding to input! This has been happening a lot lately, and in Word it’s annoying, but in Devil Daggers it means instant death.


I think you must be finding a zen state of calm. After awfully too much time playing last night, I bumped my previous score by a second or two, but not enough to shake up the standings.