Devil May Cry 5


Three playable characters. Not sure who it is on the right.

Uncle Dante is old as hell.

Fus Roh Dah for today’s generation.

How the Japanese think of American rednecks.


If i’m not looking wrong, that look’s like a trigger on Nero’s sword so im guessing the revving mechanic is back.

The mecha-arm im guessing is to bring back his demonic arm from DmC4 (which looks like it gets cut in the trailer)


Yeah that’s the same sword. The Capcom website is teasing questions about whether the rev mechanic returns. More details at Gamescom in August.

The deepest lore speculation now is all about who ripped off his arm. It might be Vergil based on screen captures, but that could be a red herring.


The demonic powers that Nero had came from Vergil right? I’m guessing he wants his arm back.


Nice, glad this exists. I loved the last couple of games.


I think Vergil is in his arm or the sword is in his arm or something. Honestly, I don’t really keep track of the story.

I do believe it was confirmed in some art book that Vergil is Nero’s dad.

Also Nero mentioned Kyrie in the trailer. She is the damsel in distress in DMC 4.


More gameplay. It looks a lot like DMC 4 plus new robo-arm attacks. There are some other little tidbits in there, like Hell Prides from DMC 3 and the slowdown when you kill the last enemy from DmC.



January 22 then!


This could be a serious issue if they’ve sacrificed the claim to fame of the series, which is animation cancelling.

The playable demo at Gamescom in August will be pretty important to find out what’s really going on.


I’m guessing they are fully dettaching animations from logic, keeping the cancelling and hitbox timing, but hiding the seams through blending and transitional animations. Something like that would be hell to get right but could feasibly work. Otherwise they would indeed be sacrificing response and cancel timings, and it won’t feel so Devil May Cry.

But we’ll see. It is definitely a weird AAA issue that feels could have been irrelevant for the players had they just kept the skipping.


Yeah good call. That seemed to be the community’s assumption almost immediately, and now clarifications are coming out.

I actually kind of like the “choppy” look to aggressive animation cancelling. It’s a satisfying visual effect to me, though I’ll defer to them about whether it looks weird when combined with photorealistic graphics.


On the livestream of the podcast they showed a simplified control scheme for the Gamescom demo.


It’s the same basic layout as DMC4 with all the goodies either hidden or disabled.


Information overload. I have to go to work!

Does this manual confirm a downloadable demo?

A bunch of moves:


I like how the consumable devil arm system adds an additional strategic consideration to combat, but who or what is scattering robots arms all over the world for Nero to pick up? There has to be a less contrived way to acquire arms.

Seems likely. DMC 4 and DMC both received one before release, as did Monster Hunter: World.


Holy cow.

Also, release date is March 8th. That’s a Friday so maybe that’s a Euro release date only.


Don’t care!


Spoilers everywhere, though I don’t really mind for this game.

The third character has been revealed. Kind of dumb looking. He looks exactly like Kylo Ren.


Pretty lit.

Dorky Capcom DLC cash grab at the end there.

The store lists 2-3 players for multiplayer. Three player co-op with the three main characters?


In other news, the deathcore musical theme for Dante went over like a lead balloon, and then news broke that the band had some past sexual assault allegation – society’s ace in the hole for everything that sucks, apparently! Capcom took the music video down. Not sure what’s going on.