Devil May Cry 5


I like how the consumable devil arm system adds an additional strategic consideration to combat, but who or what is scattering robots arms all over the world for Nero to pick up? There has to be a less contrived way to acquire arms.

Seems likely. DMC 4 and DMC both received one before release, as did Monster Hunter: World.


Holy cow.

Also, release date is March 8th. That’s a Friday so maybe that’s a Euro release date only.


Don’t care!


Spoilers everywhere, though I don’t really mind for this game.

The third character has been revealed. Kind of dumb looking. He looks exactly like Kylo Ren.


Pretty lit.

Dorky Capcom DLC cash grab at the end there.

The store lists 2-3 players for multiplayer. Three player co-op with the three main characters?


In other news, the deathcore musical theme for Dante went over like a lead balloon, and then news broke that the band had some past sexual assault allegation – society’s ace in the hole for everything that sucks, apparently! Capcom took the music video down. Not sure what’s going on.


Paging @TimJames, Xbox Portugal jumped the gun and released the Game Awards trailer early. The big takeaway is that a demo will be released tomorrow on Xbox One!


Just saw on twitter. I don’t own an Xbone but I have access to one. Hell yeah.


All the leaked trailers were taken down and I don’t want to watch it in shitty quality, so I’ll just wait.

Bloody Palace mode will be free DLC about a month after release.

The replaced the vocal track due to the singer’s misconduct mentioned above. Probably still deathcore, which I don’t mind (if it’s good).


Today I learned that YouTube does 2160p60.

I have no idea what’s going on with the third character, V. Some sort of animal summoning.


Tried the demo on Xbox. It’s the Nero demo they had at the conventions. It’s a bit boring with only a few fights against basic enemies that die quickly, plus a boss fight that’s a little more interesting. They disabled the ability to jump off enemies so there’s no fancy jump cancelling to explore.

It’s very similar mechanically to DMC4 in terms of the inputs and what I’m doing. I started getting into it after a few runs through the 10 minute demo. I decided to quit there and experience the game fresh.

The framerate drops occasionally on a standard Xbox One. Apparently there will be a PS4 demo soon, but no PC demos, probably to prevent data mining.


The PS4 demo came out this week. It includes jump cancel so all the experts are seeing what they can do with that move. It already sounds like one expert technique, inertia, is not in the new RE engine, which may limit some of the smoothness you’ll see in some combo videos.

I hate to say it but I don’t really care. If I want to do fancy combos I can still play DMC4. But I feel bad for the people that have played that game for 10 years and were hoping it would be all that plus more. It’s hard to replicate “glitches” and tech between engines.