Devil May Cry 5


PS4 and Steam pre-loads should be up.

Reviews look good, high 80s. Capcom is killing it lately (outside of fighting games).

PC graphics options look good too. I hear nice things about the RE engine.


Good to hear. I’m very tempted to dive right in, but am leaning toward waiting a few months until I can build a new PC.


Yeah even though the engine is well-optimized, I worry about my 1070ti at 1440p. My first play through I’ll turn up the graphics options (still for 60 fps). After that I might turn it down and go for 100 fps for visual clarity.


It’s launch day and the big rumor from leakers is that more advanced tech has been removed in a day one patch: the ability to reverse attacks away from any enemy. It’s an advanced technique mostly used in combo videos.

I will get 100 hours of joy from this game before I ever think about doing a technique like that. I think what’s most unfortunate is all the hardcore players will be talking about this instead of enjoying the game.

It’s hard to keep experts happy. Best not to become one!


Agreed. Git wurs, experts!



I can’t believe I’m playing this.

The graphics settings appear to be maxed out and I’m getting 100+ fps in most areas. This is with only a 1070ti. Amazing performance.


Dammit, you’re not making it easy to wait. What resolution are you at?


Oh yeah I’m at 2560x1440. I haven’t seen it dip below 100 besides a set piece with the first major boss with a lot of physics and particles. Some of the settings say “variable” so it makes me wonder if there’s some dynamic adjustment going on. But there’s no other option besides off, and how would they know what framerate to try to maintain? So maybe it’s as high as it gets.

Just did a Google search and I saw there’s no ultrawide support at this time? FYI

Anyway, I made it to mission 4. I think it’s bed time.

So far it’s really nice. Some of the new enemies are pretty fun to fight. A lot of the early stuff was revealed in trailers so nothing too crazy yet.


An hour left until the download finishes. Hope to jump in tonight, but I’m really happy that the game’s been so positively received.


Yeah loving this so far. Haven’t played a mainline DMC game since 4 originally came out. Playing Nero again feels great, I always liked the revving aspect and I love the devil breaker weapons. The game looks gorgeous and runs very well for me with very quick load times. The opening credits scene was so cool. Looking forward to trying out V tomorrow.


Runs great, plays great, and so far it’s all I wanted DMC 4 to be (with a fair share of quality-of-life upgrades). Loving it so far.


The news exploding all over the internet right now:

Capcom left a Denuvo-free .exe accessible on the Steam servers.

+20% performance (through many reports).

The industry is shit.


+20% performance would mean the game runs at 5,000 FPS.

Seriously though I’m skeptical at that increase. People are already posting there was no difference for them. Maybe it helps at the low end.

Anyway, I’m awake now. Time to play!


Starting the DMC Crew.

Game looks and plays great through the first couple of missions (which take place on my birthday 🍰). Looking forward to playing some over lunch and now I’m wishing I had gone to Captain Marvel last night instead of tonight.

I bought the first gun upgrade where you charge it and fire three shots. It says to hold the button until your arm glows but I’ve never seen the arm glow. Must be pretty subtle. I do get the charged shot, though.


I’ve read people reporting overall improvements, but yes it seems that those with good performance don’t see a significant difference.

But I’ve also read performance improvements on Yakuza 0 after they removed Denuvo, so it’s not some weird exception. This time it’s hilarious because they were caught with their pants down.


I’m loving Dante. Royal guard is so damn satisfying in this game.

Heck, everything is, and I’ve hardly scratched the surface.

Not to make anyone jealous or ruin the anticipation. Take your time and savor it.


Hah, I didn’t get to Dante yet. Going nice and slow with this one, because at times it’s a bit too exciting for my current mental state. ;) I’m loving every minute of it, though.


Yeah I had to stop myself on mission 11. I think I’m caught up with all the pre-release spoilers now. I’m still not watching that final trailer until I finish the game.


Higher peak players than RE2 but I don’t think it will sell as many copies. That game sold 3 million in the first week. DMC5 was the highest game on Twitch until LoL and Fortnite tournaments took over. I hope lots of Souls fans buy it.

So you’ll get a 7% hit from Denuvo if you run the game in…

…wait for it…


I think we’re safe.


This game is great. I’m so happy right now.