Devil May Cry 5


Slight bummer that the game doesn’t support ultrawide on pc by default (it allows you to choose a 21:9 resolution but just letterboxes it), especially since RE2 did using the same engine. Fortunately there’s a really simple fix that worked for me.

Also Nico rules kthx.


The gallery entries written from her perspective are really cute. Reminds me of the Dandelion journal entries in The Witcher 2.


I decided to finish it tonight. Here’s my review:



Damn, Tim. I’m still only up to mission 7 but so far I’m on board with that review. For some reason the second boss (Artemis) gave me a hard time and for now I’m refusing to use gold orbs so my time played is probably a lot higher than normal for mission 7 but I’m loving it so whatever.

I hadn’t read much about the game before it came out so the multiple characters thing was new to me. Still haven’t tried Dante yet but V is a really cool change of pace. Love that I was mid battle and a tutorial popped up to tell me to Read a Book. This guy is definitely not Nero.

I’m already looking forward to playing through these areas again for higher scores and difficulty.

RE Engine continues to impress. RE7, RE2 and this not only look great but perform as well. Game is flying on my PC at 3440x1440 ultra and load times are almost not noticeable.


Yeah I don’t mean to rush everyone. I was just really excited when I finished it last night. The ending sealed the deal.

There’s also one unique part in the mid game I think is a highlight in the series. I’ll wait till everyone is done.


I will say now that the characters were a huge achievement. They take similar archetypes from DmC but make them a lot more likable.

And the structure is basically a superhero movie. It’s the same giddy feeling as Avengers.


I played through the opening missions last night and really appreciated just how confident the whole production felt. Even the cutscenes are surprisingly well directed. It’s such a fantastic return to form.


Meanwhile, another Tim offers a similar review, but without the brevity. This thing is the Devil May Cry 5 of reviews.


This game feels excellent. Just finished the 7th mission and really really enjoying it, a lot more than I expected.


I’m on mission 5 in NG+ so now we can chat about the game together! It’s pretty overwhelming with so many options available. I seriously can’t decide how to adjust the controls for Nero and V.

In other news, data miners have found strings in the executable hinting at multiplayer for Bloody Palace, which would explain why they delayed it till April as free DLC.

I have more to say about multiplayer after you guys get further along. Suffice it to say that multiplayer BP would be glorious.


It’s funny how DMC 5 is very similar to DMC 4 in that Nero (and, in this case, V) feel like a snack before the main course that is Dante. Which, by the way, has so many options on his own that it feels really overwhelming. I’m still having trouble getting beyond A with Dante because I get lost so easily with so many options at once.

Of course, the big problem DMC 4 had - the level repetition when you finally got to Dante - has been completely solved in 5, which is really, really welcome. I’m loving the game so far. It’s an intense game, so in my current state I’ll only play in short bursts, but I’m enjoying those bursts very, very very much. I can see myself playing this game on and off for many months, maybe years.

I’m at mission 13 now, I think… Missions are getting longer and more complex at this point, so I guess I must be about halfway into the game now. Also, I love all the jokes and references to previous games in the franchise. The highlight so far was when, in a certain mission (12, IIRC), Dante said that he hadn’t used his brain that much in a loooong time. I laughed out loud. Gotta love their sense of humor.


The only downside being that the levels are pretty bland. That’s one of my few minor complaints about the game. Also another reason why I might as well switch to BP when it comes out.

I was reminded today how well this genre works for me. It’s easy to pick up and play, but I only want to play two missions at a time. Then I go do something else!

Make sure your ISP bill is paid up and enjoy.

They did a great job with the comic relief. I hope @porousnapkin is satisfied! Hah.


I liked the content repetition a lot in DMC 4 because it felt so different playing through that content with Dante and it was so satisfying to play through it again with Nero having really mastered it. DMC 4 is the only game in the series that I’ve felt good at, and I think content repetition is a big part of it.

It also helps that Nero was so much simpler in 4. I’m really enjoying exploring his new options but also finding them a bit overwhelming. There are so many different arms. I still don’t really understand how / when to explode them. I like that they automatically trigger a defense and spend them if you’re hit while using their default triggers. Kinda hoping to see more stuff build and trigger off of his sword revving ability, but I haven’t spent any red orbs in that tree yet. As of now it seems to not be worth the mental load. I’m excited to explore it more.

I’m not sure if the aesthetic is working for me yet, but that could change. It doesn’t really feel cheeky with Nero and V, which is more rage and brooding with a couple great interactions. But Dante is usually best at that and I still haven’t gotten to him. I’ve also been playing a lot more Bayonetta than DMC over the last few years and that cheekiness may be screwing with my memories.


Well, there’s Nico to compensate for that a bit. She plays that part even after Dante shows up, and the most memorable cheeky moment in the game (so far) happens when Nico gives Dante a gift. She’s awesome.


The mod scene is already taking off. On PC you can now play any character on any level. Using the same engine as RE2 means they’re ahead of the game.

There’s other stuff too but it’s a spoiler. You can’t talk about half the cool stuff in this game because it’s a story spoiler! Play it now for maximum effect because eventually it will all be out in the open by necessity.


This is the first game in years to have a special edition bonus worth paying the extra 10 or 15 dollars or whatever it is. Not sure if this has already been discussed in the thread, but during development the team filmed live action versions of several major cutscenes using the JP voice actors. They are amazing and often hilarious. If you’ve got the special edition you can set a toggle and the game will play the live action cutscenes when available. It is one of the best non gameplay features ever added to a game.

Last night I got @Jason_McMaster to turn them on during his Twitch stream. This is a link to the scene that happens just before the first mission. I believe it was also the beginning of the demo, so no spoilers here.


I’m playing through a campaign with them now. The guy that plays the bird really owns the role.


Indeed. It’s amazing how invested he is in the role. Andy Serkis, eat your heart out!


Just finished normal mode. Great ending to an amazing game. Loved every second of it and I’ll be starting up hard mode with the live action cutscenes turned on after dinner.
Or I’m going to just replay the entire series. Not sure yet.

Last chapter stuff…Loved the final boss fight (well, ok, both of the final boss fights, but here I’m talking about the first one with Dante). I’ll have to play it some more before I can say for sure but it may be right up there with some of my favorite Souls bosses like Lady Maria. Just a really good duel against a tough human sized opponent where the phases are a natural progression and not wildly different forms.

And I’m a big fan of credits you can play through, especially when those credits are also a tutorial for yet another awesome thing the game just gave to you a dozen or so hours in.

The second Nero twist was pretty obvious but still awesome when it happened. omg so good, can’t wait to play again. But also hungry.


The music change in mission 20 when you go into DT or use the buster for the first time was absolutely stunning.

Nero is crazy in NG+ too. So many buttons. Multiple grapple moves, and he has a new buster punch move where you can hit R2 while you’re doing other attacks, like a streak. But the timing has to be right or else you get the grab instead.

It’s even more crazy timing to master just like his exceed system. Too much for me to handle so I’m ignoring it for now!

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