Devotion - Meet the ones who made history in America’s forgotten war

That’s really cool, @morlac. Is it weird that I’m wondering about that column on the far right of the page, as if it were firewalled from the other entries, labeled “special crew time”?

If I’m being honest, I’m thinking of Nancy Allen in 1941.

Actually I’d think you’d totally be able to keep your flight log–pilots cherish their logs.

— Alan

I’ve been deciphering some of it today. Aircraft Model #'s were easy enough but then the Flight Code are some foreign language. Day codes are not the day of the month but describes the flight condition so day 21 means Day instrument/Day visual. While day 14 means day visual/night instrument. There is a code legend in the front…here:

It’s like a Hardy Boys Mystery!

Most of it’s pretty boring (reserves!). However there is Lot’s of training of foreign services (non US military) in transport instrument training? Kinda odd. Mostly in T-29’s which is just a Navy transport plan kitted out with all kinds of radars and such for training. The good stuff is earlier in his Reserve career where he was in the S-2A Tracker, which looks like a flying pig. Musta been fun landing that on a carrier.

That being said I have no idea what Special crew time means and it is not listed anywhere in the log…

Now If I can just find that damn helmet and an active service Flight log Book we can get down to some real good stuff! He only talked about 2 missions he flew in active duty but I knew he flew a bunch of others.

Oh good to know!