Devotion trailer - Meet the ones who made history in America’s forgotten war.

Planes, carriers, planes! Not sure why they think people forgot about Korea, but it looks nice.

The Korean War is always fighting with The War of 1812 for the title of America’s forgotten war. They lost a key battle with the success of MASH (the series), but now that the show has been off the air for three decades, and with the US Capitol under attack again, our forgetfulness is turning into a tight horse race.

This looks pretty good. They could do a lot worse to be “Red Tails 2”.

I think not.

Whom amongst you recalls the noble sacrifices of the great SPAM war.

SPAM war 2 is around the corner, at the rate we are going… :D

This country doesn’t do enough for veterans of the War on Christmas.

I don’t think they could recreate the famous air battles of 1812.

I recall seeing footage of the air battles over Macho Grande.

Over Macho Grande? I don’t think I’ll ever get over Macho Grande.

The effects still reverberate down to this day.

As my brother-in-law just sent to my wife:

Looks like Glen Powell called dibs on aviation movies this year, eh?