Devs: Best place to hire a contract games graphics guy?

I am currently in the market for a graphics guy to do prototype graphics for the game engine I am working on. I suck so bad, even my programmer art isn’t acceptable.

This would be a paid gig, but I don’t want to just hire local since I don’t have enough work yet to keep someone busy for long.

I know about rent-a-coder, but I’m not sure that’s what I am looking for really. Anyone got a suggestion, a site, a person, anything like that?


You can look around in the freelancers section at

Mostly a hang out for fantasy/sci fi illustrators but I bet you could find somebody to do some interface art. Make sure to mention that it is a paying gig.

Craigslist was somewhat useful… Contacted a pro Moldovian designer who must be vastly wealthy living there for what she charges (standard US designer contract rates.)

I’ll check that BBS out as well, thanks Vic.

What sort of art?

If you’re just looking for art to test prototype code out, why not just use art from some existing game for the time being? Unless you know exactly what you want, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to use what you buy later.

Yes, it’s art to test out prototype code, but the cut and paste work to steal controls from other games would be picky enough that I’d rather a pro do it. In this case, it would be much easier to get someone to do it from scratch. That way I get to see potential weaknesses in the widget system. (They would be making widget graphics)

On all my projects I make the crapiest, eye-sorest, programmer art ever. We’re talking single color blobs that have the correct dimensions for whatever it’s supposed to be… buttons, I-face frames, drop down boxes, etc. The key is just to make sure the dimensions are correct. Occasionaly I’ve had to make an icon in photoshop with an alpha because the engine needs the alpha for a composite operation. I work in MM Director so it’s all 2-D. I find that things change so much it’s not worth getting the final art until the end stages of the product.

I haven’t tried it and I know absolutely nothing about it but I remember Brad Wardell talking about using his object desktop software to mock up interfaces quickly and efficiently…and then even import them into his engine…maybe worth investigating?

Ya, I can do that kind of programmer art… The kind I can’t (don’t want to) do involves alpha channels and picky button and shading stuff.

Besides, projects are so much more interesting when they don’t look like hell as you’re testing them.

As for Object Desktop, ya, that’s an option for Brad, but it doesn’t seem to be actually developer targetted.

That, and this tool is in OSX (with game binaries going to be Win32/OSX/Linux, etc…)

I wasn’t going to get final art out of this guy, just intermediate stuff so I can use all the bells and whistles I’ve designed without having to learn how to do it in Photoshop. It should serve the prototyping phase well, and then when I actually get a game design up and running, THEN I hire someone to do the final. ;>

Just remembered this guy from the indie developers board.

His site looks nice and he has a pleased former customer giving positive feedback in the same thread.

Good luck!