Ooooooooohhh, I for one cannot wait for Showtime’s new series, Dexter, to start. Michael C. Hall (Six Feet Under) plays a serial killer who works for the cops catching other serial killers, so he can serially kill them. I love it already.

Dammit, I thought a Dexter’s Lab DVD was coming out or something.

Omelet du fromage.

Serial killers are the new Nazi zombies!

Looking forward to it also. Been catching up on Brotherhood, which is fantastic. Finally Showtime is offering HBO some competition with quality shows.

I’m not sure how I get that he can kill the serial killers without getting caught. I mean, if every serial killer this guy and his co-workers is tracking (and really, how many serial killers are there in south Florida?) ends up dead, wouldn’t the police turn a careful eye on the investigating team?

Or is this like Batman where the law looks the other way because vigilantes are cool?

Dude, you can’t throw a rock in south Florida without hitting a serial killer. They’re like cockroaches down there.

I thought that the first-person narration really made the book a lot funnier (I’ve only read the first one). Not sure how well it would transfer over to TV.

(Incidentally, I liked the book a lot, even though the plot practically defines the word contrived)

Hey it sounds like Condemned the series.

If you apply that logic to every TV show you watch, you won’t be very happy with anything. Suspend logic and enjoy the ride!


Not quite, but that was my first thought as well.

It’s like Batman, dannimal. Clearly. Just like Batman.

Hey now. Showtime did create SG-1.

And Weeds! Weeds is one of the funniest shows on TV, imo.

For the next few days, you can catch the first episode of Dexter in its entirety on Showtime’s preview site on Yahoo:

I set this to record because since it was a free showtime weekend (though I already pay for the fucking thing) they were pimping the show nonstop

Kind of curious now

I heard from a couple of semi-reliable people that it was good. I have the 1st two recorded, but also have 1 and 2/3 seasons of Lost to watch, so someone is going to have virtually jizz into this thread for me to start in on it.

Aaaaahhh… Oh!

I personally think it’s the best show of the season, better than heroes, studio 60, etc. I’d jizz into the thread, but I’m a girl so I can’t. :<